Can’t Stop Thinking

My mind is going crazy Can’t sleep anymore because of the over thinking Try to find things to relax my mind It only helps for a short amount of time When will I ever get a break from these negative thoughts? Stop thinking Stop thinking How can I stop when the anxiety keeps me awake?… Read More Can’t Stop Thinking


Love the Night Life 

I love when night comes I get to hear my thoughts clearly The house is quiet No one to disturb my peace I crawl into my fantasy land My daydreams get richer I feel more alive Photo Source: Google Images © Reflection of Des 2017    

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Being Successful at a Young Age

This has been bugging my mind lately. All I keep dreaming of is being successful at a young age. I just think it’s too late for me now because I’ll be turning 19 in November. I know that might sound crazy to y’all and you’re probably thinking I’m still young. For some reason, I feel… Read More Being Successful at a Young Age