Your Hunger

Your body will crave for me on your loneliest nights It’s going to be hard to put up a fight I’m the only thing that can feed your appetite You can’t handle a small bite You need the full course Come feed your hunger And wait no longer Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST […]

In Lust

Lusting for a soft touch Passionate kisses Foreplay Backshots Feeling of pleasure when you’re inside Give me what I want then leave No attachment or commitment Come feed my addiction Need it to fill my empty spots Lust is all I need to keep me whole Forever in lust never in love Photo by Anabel F. […]

Temporary Lust

The temporary lust made me want you I wanted a taste of you Wondering what that mouth do Then I stop myself I wanted something more A deeper connection Emotional and mental connection Lust is temporary But Love is forever Us together brings fire and desire Then the realization hit me Lust is our only connection […]

Men and Their Attraction

Men… Most of them are attracted to IG models or “baddies” Those women always get attention Guess I have to get half naked to get attention too huh? They never want to give the cute and intelligent woman with real goals a chance Some men are such fools Their lust for women is their downfall […]