When it’s Beautiful Outside Do This…

When it’s beautiful outside you should take advantage of your day. It’s nice to chill in the house but try going out somewhere. Every day isn’t always a beautiful day. I’ll give you a few suggestions on things you should do when it’s beautiful outside.

1) Go to the park: Going out to a park when it’s a beautiful day outside is the best thing you can do. Seeing the beautiful sun shining and chilling at the park will make you feel good. Plus, it’s free to visit the park lol.

2) Take a ride around town: Ride with your windows down and cruise through your town or city.  Riding through town will give you something to do. You get to see what’s going on like events or see locals shopping and doing other things.

3) Have a picnic: It doesn’t matter if you have the picnic in your backyard, at a park, or anywhere else you can think of. It’s a simple outing that will make your day better.

4) Read a book: You can chill on your porch or patio and read a good book outside. It helps to keep your mind clear while you’re enjoying your book. Especially if you live somewhere quiet without any distractions. You can thank me for this piece of advice later.

5) Relax in your backyard: Nothing is better than relaxing at your own house in your own yard. You don’t have to worry about anyone bothering you. It’s your personal space. Also, you can chill in your backyard as long as you want.

6) Have a BBQ: Having a BBQ is the best thing to do when it’s a beautiful day. You get to smell good food cooking on the grill. Plus, enjoy your scenery of how nice it feels and looks outside. I’m sure your friends or family would be happy to join the BBQ with you. Having a BBQ + beautiful day + spending time with family and friends = perfect combination.

Now that you’ve read a list of things you could do when it’s beautiful outside. Are you going to try them out? If so, which idea caught your interest? If you thought of any other good ideas share them in the comment section.


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Birthday Wish List 🎉📃2017

In case you’re wondering what I wanted for my birthday. I made a list. The list isn’t too long. More than likely I probably won’t get these things for my birthday. I thought it would be fun to make this list just in case someone is wondering what I wanted. If you didn’t read my blog post from this morning. My birthday is tomorrow (November 4th).


1) Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million Gift Card

2) iPhone X 

3) Paid Vacation to California or Canada 

4) Forever 21 Clothes or Gift Card

5) Shopping Spree

This pretty much sums up what I want for my birthday. Not a long list right? It’s not even complicated either. Usually, I don’t ask for too much anyway.  Anyone else birthday is in November? Let me know because I’ll give you a birthday shoutout.


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How to Get Through Tough Times In Your Life

Going through a tough time in your life is challenging. You find yourself stuck in a pool of problems that seem like they will never get fixed. There are times when you contemplate about giving up on everything. Giving up is not an option for you because these are ways to help you get through tough times in your life.

1) Read motivational books – Reading a motivational book will boost you to push through your situation. It will provide you with encouraging advice that you may not hear from the people around you. The book or books will give you some type of comfort. Examples of motivational books are “I Don’t Belong to You” by Keke Palmer or “Latoya’s Life: Uncut Mishaps of a Youtube Star” by LaToya Ali.

2) Talk to positive people – You need people around you that are going to uplift you. They’re the people who you can trust with your problems. Also, they going to make sure they help you out the best way they can.

3) Pray – Whatever spiritual God you believe in. Pray about your problems to your God. Even though you may not think God is listening. His ears are always open to hearing your prayers. He’s working on a special blessing for you.

4) Take a vacation – Whether it’s going somewhere an hour away or further. A vacation will relax you. Yes, I know going out of town isn’t that simple. Especially if you don’t have a lot of money to travel or have other things to worry about. Anyways, a nice long vacation will take your mind away from your problems.

5) Face the Situation – Sometimes we must gain strength or confidence to face our tough situations. Use this power to help you fight this rough period in your life. Maybe all you needed to do is use that extra strength or confidence to solve the problems that are going on. Think about this there are times when we are our own obstacle.

Tough times don’t last forever. A strong person like you will get through your situation. One day you’ll be able to reflect on your tough times and appreciate it. Do you want to know why you’ll appreciate it? It’s because it made you become a stronger person. You’ll feel proud of yourself for not giving up. Take the time to practice this advice and see what results you’ll get.



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4 Reasons Why Summer is Annoying

Summer is the season most people enjoy but it is annoying sometimes. It brings out the most annoying bugs, chaos, and outrageous heat. Some of us know that summer isn’t as glorious as certain people make it seem. Let’s get into 4 reasons why summer is annoying.

Reasons Why…

1) BUGS – Every flying and crawling insect likes to come out during the summer. More than likely it’s because of the hot weather. It’s difficult to enjoy being outside without bugs bothering you. Most people hate to get bit by bugs. The bites cause us to itch and get irritated easily. Bugs are irritating little creatures.

2) The HEAT – Summer is known for its scorching hot temperatures. The heat will drain all your energy. All the heat does is bring out nasty attitudes and have you soaked in sweat. No one likes how miserable the heat makes us.

3) Booked Hotel Rooms – Most hotels are full of reservations when summer comes. This is when everyone wants to go on vacation. If you haven’t booked your hotel room a few months ahead of time. It will be hard for you to find a luxurious hotel that’s not booked. You’ll be lucky if someone cancels their reservations.

4) Keeping Grass Cut – This reason interferes with every season. For some reason, it seems like it’s harder to keep your grass cut low during the summer. Usually, it is because of all the rain this season brings in. A lot of rain makes the grass grow faster. It’s a big headache when you want to keep your yard looking nice all the time.

Overall, summer has its annoying moments. This still doesn’t stop most people from enjoying it though. Don’t let the reasons above change your thoughts on summer. You can enjoy it minus those reasons. What’s the most annoying thing to you about summer? 

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Qualities that Attract a Girl Like Me

I’m not a picky person when it comes to finding qualities that attract me. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We all have our flaws. I won’t hold your mistakes against you. I like to get to know someone before I talk about what type of person they are.

List of Qualities…

Intelligence: Having knowledge is so important. I mean you don’t have to be the world’s smartest person but I need someone who I can connect with on an intellectual level.

Caring: You have to care about my feelings. I can’t be with someone who is selfish.

Understands when I need space: Sometimes I need “me time.” I don’t always like to feel smothered by my partner. Time away from each other sometimes will give me a chance to miss you more.

Does sweet things for me without me knowing: Surprise me sometimes. You don’t have to buy me gifts all the time. You can write a sweet letter expressing how you feel about me, getting me my favorite food, or listening about my day. Maybe even telling me how beautiful I am.

Loyalty: Loyalty represents if you’re going to stay by myself no matter what we go through. You have to have my back sometimes through certain situations. If you show me loyalty I will give it back to you. It connects with being trustworthy.

Honesty: I can’t trust you if you won’t tell me the truth. Even if my feelings get hurt by your honesty. I will still be happy you didn’t lie to me.

Trustworthy: It’s plenty of people who broke my trust. You have to show me genuine trust. Remember I can sense when someone isn’t trustworthy. DON’T TRY TO PLAY GAMES WITH ME!

I’m not done yet…

Ambitious: You have to have some type of career goals. It doesn’t have to be some high-status job. I will support your dreams as long as it’s nothing illegal.

Nice Smile: I’m a sucker for nice teeth! I want to see your nice smile shine in the sunlight lol. Why do I sound so lame?

A sense of Humor: I’m a goofy person who loves to laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian but try your best to make me laugh somehow.

Positive Person: I will always need positive vibes surrounding me. I can vibe with negative energy.

Kind Heart: You have to have a kind heart because I won’t feel safe with a cold-hearted person.

Maturity: We can play around sometimes. Let’s be honest, some point of time in our lives we have to be mature. I can’t be with a childish person who makes poor choices in life.

Faithful: It’s no point of me getting serious with you if you not going to be faithful. I shouldn’t have to go into deep details with this quality.

The list could go on…

I can name plenty of other things but I’ll stop the list here. These are the most important qualities that attract my attention. Like I said earlier in this post I’m not a picky person. Even if you don’t have all of these qualities. I can still make something work out.

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Foods I Dislike (Des Blog-a-thon) #38

 1. Mushrooms: I will not eat any type of food with mushrooms in them. 





2. Coleslaw: Yuck! That’s all I have to say about. 






3. Potato Salad:  Every time when I see potato salad it’s at family cookouts. If you’re Southern and live in the USA we call it “Tatter Salad” lol. As southerners, we always have a funny way of saying some words. 



4. Cherries: I can eat cherry flavored candy like Jolly Ranchers. I can’t eat real cherries though. They always didn’t taste right to me. 







5. Lemon Peppered Wings: Honestly, I don’t see why people think these wings are so good. The flavor is yucky!! I’ll rather have Buffalo wings. 


6. Raisins: Ever since I was a kid I couldn’t stand eating raisins. I never got used to the taste. They look like little bugs.




I’m not a picky eater but a good bit of foods I won’t eat. Do you like any of the foods that I dislike? What are foods that you dislike? 



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My Most Popular Blog Posts

Go check out my most popular posts. I know some of you still haven’t read them before. So, I decided to share the posts with you. Enjoy reading them!

1.  Reason why you might feel worthless

2. 10 Drake Quotes to Remember

3. Can you connect to my soul?

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5.  The Blue Sky Tag

6. Why Long Distance Relationships are Special

7. Interracial Relationships 

8. Des Blog-a-thon 



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20 Things That Annoy Me (Des Blog-a-thon) #26

I never thought I would make a post like this. Let’s just say my crazy thoughts led me to do this post. The things that I list down below might be some things that annoy you also. See how many annoying things we share in common. I’ll try not to make it a long list.

Here it goes…

1 .  Rude People

2. Unnecessary Excuses

3. Commercials while I’m watching my favorite tv shows

4. Repeating myself after the 3rd time I said something

5. Lies

6. Being asked questions when I’m upset about something

7. Helping someone who doesn’t appreciate my help

8. Sitting outside and bugs trying to bite me

9. Being in long lines at public places

10. Shopping in Wal-Mart

11. Attitudes

12. A fly coming around my food when I’m trying to eat

13. Being stared at

14. Waiting my turn at the nail or hair  salon

15. Being woke up out my sleep if it’s not an emergency

16. A worker at a fast food getting my order wrong

17. When my hair is hard to untangle

18. Being late

19. Getting my hopes up for something that’s not going to happen

20. Doing assignments for picky teachers

I could spend all day long on this list lol. I’ll just stop at 20.  Did we share anything in common from this list? 

© Reflection of Des 2017


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