Memories We Share

Memories We share so many… The pictures show our happy moments Our messages show arguments, jokes, and sweet paragraphs Even the anniversaries & surprises crept into my thoughts Every thought of you stays on my mind Wishing the memories would fade But they stay on my mind like a permanent stain Memories… Letting you go… Read More Memories We Share


Letting Fear Take Over

All my fears are coming to surface. They are pressuring me to give up, isolate myself, runaway from what’s scaring me. Fear is a bully that will dig into your most tender parts. Wanting you to crumble into failure. The enemy that can defeat you if you allow it to. I chose not to let… Read More Letting Fear Take Over


The Seed

The seed that grows within The seed I will love forever Blossoming into something special The chocolate skin I will adore The love I will pour Into your pure heart Yes, you’ll be mommy’s sweetheart The seed that will bring joy The seed destined to evoke a beautiful life LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… APPLE… Read More The Seed


Reflection of You

You met your match I’m a reflection of you How does it feel to see a mirror Of yourself in someone else body Watching your flaws play in front of your eyes Does it catch you by a surprise? Or you’ll rather stay blind Keeping yourself confined In facing the truth that is revealing Your… Read More Reflection of You

Open Letter

Open Letter #9: Loving Myself is the Best Decision I Ever Made

The self-love journey is an experience that will help you learn about yourself at an intimate level. When you go into this journey you decided that your happiness matters, and you will start putting yourself FIRST! Nobody said the self-love process is easy but it’s not impossible either. When I chose to start loving myself… Read More Open Letter #9: Loving Myself is the Best Decision I Ever Made

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When Someone Takes You for Granted

The worst feeling in the world is being there for someone and they don’t appreciate it or take you for granted. They never realize how you ignore your own dreams, intuition, and well-being. It’s crazy how you will sacrifice a lot caring for someone. That person only will learn their lesson when you stop being… Read More When Someone Takes You for Granted


Where is my Lover?

I’m looking for my lover Have you seen him? He went ghost and strayed away I’m anticipating the day We can communicate I have a lot on my plate Missing him Didn’t want our relationship to dim Or fall slim Unexpected changes Unfair exchanges The disappearance is eating away at me Feeling guilty And at… Read More Where is my Lover?


Life Expectations for Yourself

Life doesn’t always go as planned. You can set many goals for yourself, but that doesn’t avoid life obstacles. No matter how hard you try there is that one thing that gets in the way. Whether it’s your fear to move forward, distractions around you, or a variety of other reasons. Life never treats us… Read More Life Expectations for Yourself


Accepting Me

I appreciate your patience with me Giving me tender love Accepting my imperfection Showering me with affection You are a blessing Thank you for comforting me Thank you for being supportive Thank you for respecting my worth Thank you for listening to my cries at my darkest moments Thank you for displaying how much you… Read More Accepting Me


Wish We Never Met

Sometimes I wish we never met My intuition served me right Knew you were the player type I fed into the hype A risk I should’ve taken a step back from But of course I stay optimistic True colors got shown I got left alone You played your part Congrats to breaking a heart Photo… Read More Wish We Never Met