Lies lies lies I’m tired of the lies And the guilt in your eyes Every word you speak is going to eat you alive What gives you that drive To continue to lie LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | ANCHORFM | APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PODCASTS FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER | INSTAGRAM… Read More Lies


Your Love & Lies…

Suffocated with your lies Knowing the truth but my heart wants to deny The love I have for you causes me to be so blind Why can’t I leave you behind? Loving you is convenient But leaving you is heartbreaking… The repeat of the hurt triggers me to hurt you back I want you to… Read More Your Love & Lies…

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Deceiving People Can Fool You 

There are some people out there who are deceiving. When you first meet them, they give you the impression that they have pure intentions. When in actuality their intentions are to feed their own selfish needs. Once you get to know the person on a deeper level. Certain things that they do starts to make… Read More Deceiving People Can Fool You