Dear Younger Self

Your power to influence others is a gift Even your personality took a shift You’re still beautiful on the inside and out Grew into your life purpose You’re wiser Stronger Destined to pursue all of your dreams Your future is what you imagine Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS… Read More Dear Younger Self


Reflection of 2017

It’s the day before New Years. Time flies right? For me, 2017 had its rough patches.  I learn from those situations. I didn’t let those rough moments tear me down. Everything happened for a reason and I know it. Honestly, this year taught me more about myself than any other year. One thing I’ll never forget about… Read More Reflection of 2017


Letter to my Old Friends

Dear Old Friends, Y’all taught me a lot about people. Some of you were fake, secretly jealous, or went against my loyalty. Yes, each one of you are the reason why I have trust issues. I can’t stand you. That’s why I always say “I don’t have friends.” Thanks for the temporary friendships. I don’t… Read More Letter to my Old Friends


When Things Ain’t Right I Need You 

Lord change the negative into the positive Keep me strong Heal me when I’m hurt Don’t forget about me I know I don’t do right all the time I’m just not in a happy place right now Remove me when the unhappy place Make things positive in my mind Change my life into something better Keep… Read More When Things Ain’t Right I Need You 


Letter to You…

You don’t know about my silent cries at night. You’ll never understand how much I still hurt inside from your mistakes. I’m so damage to the point I don’t think I can love anyone anymore. There is an emptiness in my heart. Nothing can make it feel whole again. Sometimes I blame myself for not… Read More Letter to You…

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Letter to my Nosey Neighbors Across the Street

Dear Nosey Neighbors, Why are you always outside watching people? Go in the house! It annoys me how every time I go outside y’all are staring at me. That makes me feel uncomfortable. Let’s be real, no one wants to be stared at especially every time they leave out of the house. Just like you’re watching… Read More Letter to my Nosey Neighbors Across the Street