A Runway from Love ❤️

Running away from love Cause it hurts Not trying to feel that heart-wrenching pain Life is better without the suffering My happiness is more comforting Love stray away I can live without you And that’s okay I’m accepting my fate Running away from love Is my perfect escape To be safe Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash LISTEN… Read More A Runway from Love ❤️


Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

Have you ever had an experience where you messed up a good situation with someone? This person put their whole heart into you, showed how much they cared, and even proved to you that they were genuine. They were down with you through whatever. Too bad everything didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.… Read More Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

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Words Do Hurt People Feelings

It’s time to talk about how much words do hurt people. I know you remember that saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words don’t hurt.” This saying is not true at all. Honestly, words hurt worse than getting hurt physically. It hits you in a deep kind of way. The type of… Read More Words Do Hurt People Feelings



I hate you… Harsh to say but I mean it I hate how much you hurt me I hate how I put YOU before myself I hate you for making me feel insecure I hate you for taking advantage of my loyalty I hate how much you never paid attention to the little things I… Read More I HATE YOU

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You Snatched My Soul (Des Blog-a-thon) #29

When you told me you never loved me You snatched my soul When you decided to with her and not me You snatched my soul When  you called me a hoe, bitch, and liar You snatched my soul Even after all of that I still loved you                … Read More You Snatched My Soul (Des Blog-a-thon) #29

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I just need a peace of mind. I’m tired of being unhappy. I feel like my young life has been wasted. Is being happy too much to ask for? Why do I have to pretend that I’m happy instead of faking it. I got so much pressure on me. My life just gets worse. People… Read More Tired


The One I Used to Love

I remember when we first met Seeing calls or texts from you lit up my world Everything felt like a fairy tale I didn’t want to end But then I noticed a change I got less calls and limited texts from you You turned into someone I didn’t recognize By being the loyal person that… Read More The One I Used to Love