Vibes You Sense From A Person

Have you ever been in a room and felt someone vibe base on their presence? They didn’t even have to speak to you for you to know that they are a good or bad person. Some of you probably thinking “how in the world will I be able to determine that without even speaking to the person that enters the room?” Well, the best response I can tell you is that you will get certain body reactions (like facial expressions), gut feeling, or you can feel a strong presence of good or evil.

For example, two people could be mad at each other and be in a group setting with others. Everyone in the group can feel the tension between the two people who are mad at each other. It can feel like a big elephant in the room. I don’t know if some of you heard of that expression before. It basically means it’s something no one isn’t trying or wants to talk about.

I can tell y’all plenty of stories where I been to work, school, or any other places where I didn’t know certain strangers and I could tell whether or not they were a good or bad person. One thing that really catches my attention is when my whole mood change when someone comes in the area or room I am in. I could be in a very happy mood than all of a sudden I feel upset. That’s how I can tell a person has a bad vibe to them. They didn’t even have to speak to me for me to get upset about something with them. It’s weird how our intuition can alarm us.

No, I don’t want any of you to think I have any type of jealousy towards anyone that comes my way. I’m not a jealous person at all or don’t like anyone for no reason at all. I was just blessed with a gift where I can pick the good from the bad or the fake from the real. Even a person body language can tell you a lot about the person. I am not an expert on that so I won’t get deep into that.

Anyways, anyone has the ability to feel any type of vibe from a stranger or a person they know. You just have to pay attention to the way you act with the person you come across. That is a sign or signal right there.  Have you ever been in a situation where you felt a certain type of vibe from a person? Or do you know someone who had a similar experience to what I talked about in the article?

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Why the World Need Good People? (Des Blog-a-thon) #21

Having good people in the world will make a positive difference. There would be less chaos and more peace. Wouldn’t that be nice if that actually happened? Sometimes we can avoid ridiculous situations from happening. I mean I’m not saying the world will be perfect because it’s not supposed to be that way. It would be great to live in a safer world though. Yeah, there will be some people who will cause bad situations to happen, but the percentage would be low if good people outweighs the bad ones.

Another thing I want to mention is that I know there are some good people all over the world. That’s the main reason I have hope to make a difference. I can not stress this enough. We were put on this earth to go through struggles to learn from them not turn into bitter individuals.

However, even though it seems like we can’t make a change to the world doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Honestly, in my eyes, nothing is impossible. We all have to be brave. Let’s stick together! Why watch chaos happen and not do anything about it? It would make me happy if we all come together to be better people. Of course, it won’t be easy but let’s try it out!

What’s your opinion on the world needing good people? Do you agree with the things I said? 

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Taking College Classes Online VS On Campus Classes

From experience with taking classes on campus and doing online classes now. I thought I would share some pros and cons with everyone that I’ve noticed. 

Class on Campus


  • Get an immediate answer from professor 

When you need an important question answered by your professor it’s always nice to get the answer right away. If you go through the process of trying to email your professor it gets irritating because most professors always seem to take forever to check their email. 

  • Constant reminder of deadlines 

I love constant reminders by the teachers because it helps you stay on track with deadlines. Even though I know I’m responsible for keeping up with everything myself. It’s always nice to have another person bring it to your attention. 

  • Meet new people in person 

Being on campus lets you network with everyone around campus. It’s a place to meet new friends. You get plenty of help from others in or outside your class if you’re having trouble on an assignment. I think it’s exciting to meet new people.

  • Get extra help faster

Since all of your resources is on campus there is no problem to get someone to help you out with any problems that need fixing. This can be a blessing because you don’t have to worry about going home still being confused about what you did wrong or don’t understand. 



There are some professors that are strict about attendance well mostly because you need a certain amount of credit hours in class. I know attendance is very important, but there are days when you don’t want to attend class at all. Plus, it a fast way to get dropped out of a class. 

Online Classes 


  • Get work done on your own time

Most of us have busy schedules outside of school or just feel too lazy sometimes to do school work. I think it’s best to do everything on your own time because it’s convenient for you.

  • No one around to distract you 

This is mostly easy to relate to if you don’t have kids to tend to at home or have a certain time that no one is at home. Even though at home there are plenty more distractions but you can easily tune them out. There always seemed to be certain people in a class that don’t take education as serious as you that causes the most problems from you focusing in class. I mean you can always politely tell them to calm down a bit but sometimes that can cause a big unnecessary conflict.

  • Not having to worry about transportation to school

This pro is mostly for people who maybe have a hard time getting back and forth to school. At least online you can do all of your assignments at home and not have to worry about going up to the school unless you need to get your textbooks, take tests/exams, or have to take care of important business about your information. 


  • Harder to contact teacher

There was an urgent question I needed a quick answer for from my professor and she took FOREVER to respond back. I was so upset because it concerned my assignment that needed to get graded. Taking online classes they only give you contact with your professor through email and a phone number they give you. This is only helpful if they answer your email right away or pick up the phone. It’s really no guaranteed you’ll hear back from your professor.

  • Don’t get to meet new people 

It sucks taking classes online because you don’t get a chance to connect with new people at your school. There will be nobody to talk to about school events or classes. To me, it has its boring moments. Also, it blocks you from networking with people on campus.

This may not be much information but I gather all these points from my experiences as a college student. I’m only a freshman in college so there will are more things that I will learn throughout my college journey. 

© 2017 Reflection of Desi

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First Day of College (Freshmen Experience)

I had a good first day without any problems. The class I had to attend today was math which I was sort of worried about because I didn’t know what to expect out of my math teacher for the first day. Everything we did was easy plus the class went by so fast it felt like I didn’t even go anywhere today lol. I met a couple of new people who were friendly. Tomorrow I’m suppose to go to my College Skills and English class so let’s see how my day goes tomorrow with those classes. I’ll keep y’all updated throughout my college journey.

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