One Sided Friendships

One-sided friendships are annoying to deal with especially if you take friendships seriously. When I say one-sided friendships I’m talking about the ones where you stick by your friend side through rough times, showed loyalty, trust, and gave support. You probably treated the person like family too. But they didn’t show you the same type […]

Fake Love

Fake Love There is no trust All I can do is look at you in disgust I thought our bond was stronger That’s what I get for giving you a benefit of the doubt Now it’s no reason for me to pout Or even show out Fake love That’s all you gave me It’s cool […]

A Chance with Me ❤️

A chance… Is what you should’ve taken with me Was ready to give you the world You disappear No explanation Or Subliminal message Your lost I could’ve given you everything you needed A chance with me… Is what you needed ❤️ Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash HEY THERE FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | […]


Have you ever had a friendship that you thought would last forever but it didn’t? If you said yes then you’re not the only one. I know that sometimes we outgrow our old childhood friends because eventually yall mature into two different people who don’t share the same interest anymore. There are two outcomes in […]

Making Friends from Different Ethnicities

I have an idea which just popped in my head. I’m interested in making more friends from a different race or ethnicity. As you know from my diversity blog I love making friends with people that don’t have the same culture as me. I was thinking that maybe I can make these type of friends […]