Tired of Being the Strong Person

Sometimes you get tired of being the strong person that’s there for everyone. They seem so dependent on you to fix what they have going on. Which you don’t mind helping any way that you can but there are times when you need someone to return the favor. You have your days when you want […]

Check on Your Close Friends and Family

As we get older and have responsibilities. We are constantly busy. Every week we follow the same routine. Also, as time goes by we lose track of checking on close family and friends. It’s important to start making check-up calls. Let’s not allow a busy life to get in the way. You must cherish every […]

Definition of a Best Friend 

Talk to me on a regular  Someone I can call during a tough time Find time to check on me even if they are busy Make plans to hang out often Being trustworthy  Never turn fake or switch up on me Keep everything we talk about between us Too bad it’s not easy to find […]