Open Letter

Open Letter #10: Tired of Being Everybody Savior

This open letter isn’t a plead for help or a cry for sympathy. I just felt the need to rant how I feel. Sometimes I get tired of being everyone’s savior or their “helper.” Everyone always wants to depend on me for advice or other problems they may have. When will someone be there for… Read More Open Letter #10: Tired of Being Everybody Savior


Hell of a Moment

If you had fucked her while you were drunk or faded You would’ve had an excuse But you fucked her with a sober mind What you did wasn’t a mistake You wanted that moment to happen Stop the acting The smell of bullshit stinks up the air surrounding you The only fool in this situation… Read More Hell of a Moment


Accepting Me

I appreciate your patience with me Giving me tender love Accepting my imperfection Showering me with affection You are a blessing Thank you for comforting me Thank you for being supportive Thank you for respecting my worth Thank you for listening to my cries at my darkest moments Thank you for displaying how much you… Read More Accepting Me


I Hypnotize Him

I hypnotize him… with my curvy body pretty brown eyes dark hair gorgeous smile He gravitates towards my intelligence and beauty No one can hypnotize him the way I do He’s wrapped in my spell… Photo by Kaci Baum on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | ANCHORFM | GOOGLE PODCASTS FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL… Read More I Hypnotize Him


They looked happy.. 

The couple that looks so in love with each other Wasn’t meant to be together He loves her but still cheats  He’s confused about his feelings  If she finds out what he’s doing  He knows her heart will be shattered  He can’t see her go through another heartbreak  This secret has to go to the… Read More They looked happy.. 


Dear Younger Self

Your power to influence others is a gift Even your personality took a shift You’re still beautiful on the inside and out Grew into your life purpose You’re wiser Stronger Destined to pursue all of your dreams Your future is what you imagine Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS… Read More Dear Younger Self


Love Never Find Me

Love don’t come find me Leave me in my lonesome I don’t deserve you Having hope in you stain my heart with tragedy Always overwhelmed with agony Me & you aren’t meant to be But you have a hold on me Stopping me from being free FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter, Facebook & Instagram:… Read More Love Never Find Me


Temporary Satisfaction

You’re a temporary distraction That gives me satisfaction Pleasing my selfish needs I always have you begging on your knees Allowing me to have control You have no hold Over me Give me all the temporary satisfaction I need Can you handle the greed And fulfill my needs Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON…… Read More Temporary Satisfaction


Against the World

It’s always me against the world Picking up my own broken pieces Never feeling whole Empty inside Take a peek And see how I internally died Nobody by my side Letting my soul glide Into loneliness I can’t seem to hide Me against the world is the battle I keep fighting Photo by Adi Constantin on Unsplash LISTEN… Read More Against the World



Lies lies lies I’m tired of the lies And the guilt in your eyes Every word you speak is going to eat you alive What gives you that drive To continue to lie LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | ANCHORFM | APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PODCASTS FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER | INSTAGRAM… Read More Lies