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When Someone Takes You for Granted

The worst feeling in the world is being there for someone and they don’t appreciate it or take you for granted. They never realize how you ignore your own dreams, intuition, and well-being. It’s crazy how you will sacrifice a lot caring for someone. That person only will learn their lesson when you stop being… Read More When Someone Takes You for Granted

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Open Letter #7: Message Not Sent

Well, it’s been a while since I did an open letter. This open letter is about a message that I wanted to send out to a person I care about deeply but left it in my drafts.  I miss you. I tried to get you out of my head but you are a piece of… Read More Open Letter #7: Message Not Sent


Okay, I Get It Now

Okay, I get it now It’s not meant for me to be happy All the negative energy is taking over I give up Nothing works anymore I’m losing faith Ugh, I feel defeated Life wasn’t supposed to be this way All I want is happiness CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY T-SHIRT STORE FOLLOW ME ON… Read More Okay, I Get It Now


Well, This is It!

Well, this is it You saw my weakness Pull me into your circle of love Made me go crazy over you  Even made me lose myself over you  What did I get in return? Lies…  Heart break… Disrespect… Depression… Insecurity… Loneliness… Well, this is it No more getting my heart back No more taking advantage… Read More Well, This is It!


Why Do I Even Try? Nothing Matters Anymore

Sometimes I have to cry out of frustration Every time when I try to do good  It’s always a bad obstacle in the way  Sometimes I feel like giving up is way better  That’s why I can never get too comfortable when things are going well  I hate being frustrated  I hate always trying and… Read More Why Do I Even Try? Nothing Matters Anymore


This Weight is Heavy

It’s not good to feel this way It feels like a pile of weight is on my shoulders Not having ways to relieve this feeling is even worst Life, in general, is getting tough Drowning in a pool of stress Someone come save me Photo Source: Pinterest © Reflection of Des 2017

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I always imagine myself alone I’m always happier alone Every person I am with always breaks my heart I have no more room for pain Sometimes I wish I could disappear There will be no traces to find me No one wants to treat me right There’s no point in wasting my time Maybe I… Read More Alone



Music is a bird singing a lovely tune on an early morning Music is my therapist when I have problems Music is a key to my heart Music is a body mover Music is a life saver Music is a way to take you to another universe Music is an easy mind controller Music is… Read More Music