Envious People Don’t Show Genuine Support

There is a point in your life where you are able to see who genuinely supports you. When you get to that stage it shows you who really care about seeing you live your best life. Envious people don’t want to see you succeed though. They will do everything in their power to stop you […]

Fake Love

Fake Love There is no trust All I can do is look at you in disgust I thought our bond was stronger That’s what I get for giving you a benefit of the doubt Now it’s no reason for me to pout Or even show out Fake love That’s all you gave me It’s cool […]

Fake Relationship Trend on YouTube

Since everyone got hip to the “couple trend” on YouTube it started getting out of hand. All they want to do is get rich quick. It’s a shame what people will do for money. Why fake a relationship? Eventually, people will uncover the truth anyway. Do you want to mess up your reputation just because […]