Dealings with a Demon

I have my own demons to deal with And you’re one of them Leeching on me like my own skin Sucking me dry Feeding your selfish motives To keep me around You’ll rather see me drown Than value me and see my crown Seeing me weak gives you power That’s why you like to devour… Read More Dealings with a Demon

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When You’re Having “One of Those Days”

I don’t know what’s going on today but I’m having “one of those days.” It’s a day where you feel frustrated, irritated, & want to release some stress. I just want to sleep my day away and forget everything. Don’t you hate when you’re not feeling like yourself? This is when you have to draw… Read More When You’re Having “One of Those Days”


The Trickster

Just give up already So I can get rid of you like the rest I just need to get this off my chest Smart A snake A trickster Looking for a victim You don’t care like you pretend to Selfish motives False devotion The trickster Twisted more than a swisher Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash FOLLOW ME… Read More The Trickster


Men and Their Attraction

Men… Most of them are attracted to IG models or “baddies” Those women always get attention Guess I have to get half naked to get attention too huh? They never want to give the cute and intelligent woman with real goals a chance Some men are such fools Their lust for women is their downfall… Read More Men and Their Attraction