I Uploaded a New Youtube Video 📹

I had time today to make a new YouTube video. It’s a storytime video about the time my math teach embarrassed me in class. Make sure you check out the video down below! If you enjoy it then head over to my YouTube channel to see more videos. PLEASE SUPPORT ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA … Read More I Uploaded a New Youtube Video 📹


10 Things That Annoy Me (Watch Video in Post)

Hey, everyone, check out my new YouTube video. I talked about 10 things that annoy me. I know that I already made a blog post about things that annoy me. Click on the link below to go to the blog post. Enjoy my video! Don’t laugh too hard at the YouTube cover for the video… Read More 10 Things That Annoy Me (Watch Video in Post)

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My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Tv Shows

Orange is the New Black – This show is one of Netflix’s original and popular series. It’s based on this woman name Piper that ends up in prison because of the connection she had with her ex-girlfriend that was in a drug cartel while they were together. In prison, she learns that it will be… Read More My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Tv Shows


Newbie on WordPress

Introduction/About Me   Hello Everyone, As you can see that I’m new to the WordPress community so let me start off by saying that I’m excited to start this journey. My name is Destiny and I’m a college freshmen who is majoring in Journalism. I absolutely love meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds.… Read More Newbie on WordPress