Letting Fear Take Over

All my fears are coming to surface. They are pressuring me to give up, isolate myself, runaway from what’s scaring me. Fear is a bully that will dig into your most tender parts. Wanting you to crumble into failure. The enemy that can defeat you if you allow it to. I chose not to let… Read More Letting Fear Take Over


Numb Feeling

At this point I feel numb Empty Heartless Distant No love is left in me There’s a black hole inside My compassion died I have no affection to give Or emotional fulfillment Hopefully I can heal from it Or be less difficult to deal with Hiding this numb feeling is impossible Watch me grow into… Read More Numb Feeling


Temporary Satisfaction

You’re a temporary distraction That gives me satisfaction Pleasing my selfish needs I always have you begging on your knees Allowing me to have control You have no hold Over me Give me all the temporary satisfaction I need Can you handle the greed And fulfill my needs Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON…… Read More Temporary Satisfaction


This Woman’s Story

A woman filled with pain Some of it is hard to explain Experiences that made her feel ashamed Who does she blame? Herself? Or the man or men she gave her heart to Giving her all While he made her feel small She should’ve put a wall over her emotions Maybe it would’ve protected her… Read More This Woman’s Story


Internally Hurt

Have to hurt internally Silent Cries Reflecting on the lies Cutting ties Of attachment Erasing the memories You’re dead to me You were no good for me Internally hurting because I can’t show my weakness for you LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | ANCHORFM | GOOGLE PODCASTS FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL… Read More Internally Hurt


The Trickster

Just give up already So I can get rid of you like the rest I just need to get this off my chest Smart A snake A trickster Looking for a victim You don’t care like you pretend to Selfish motives False devotion The trickster Twisted more than a swisher Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash LISTEN TO… Read More The Trickster


Emotions Driving Me Crazy!

Sometimes I get tired of having this battle with my emotions. Why do I have to be so emotional? I swear my emotions have me feeling crazy. They have a strong hold on me which I can’t stand at times. Maybe certain situations I go through trigger my emotions to set off. Especially if I… Read More Emotions Driving Me Crazy!

About Me, Rant

Reached My Breaking Point!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I have to be stuck in this miserable ass town. I’m trying to not get swallow in the big hole of being stuck here forever. I keep asking God “why me?” Everyone else has a chance to be free and enjoy life. I barely get a chance to feel like a… Read More Reached My Breaking Point!!!!

Lifestyle, Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationships Aren’t Bad 

Now maybe the title of this post caught your attention or you could be curious. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find out why I wrote about this topic. Anyways, most people always have a negative thought about long distance relationships. Every time someone finds out that I am in one they always saying “your… Read More Long Distance Relationships Aren’t Bad