A Troubled Mind

Daydreaming Second guessing Hoping it’s a blessing Not another lesson Don’t want to go through anymore drama Or anymore trauma Here goes the same cycle  Wanting to withdraw And curl up in a ball Now it’s not the time to fall In the trap of unhappiness You’ll never know what’s running through my head Confessions… Read More A Troubled Mind

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Dream Killers Can’t Knock Your Shine!

Don’t you hate dream killers? No matter what you’re trying to do. They say comments to knock you off balance towards success. Dream killers even try to kill your self-esteem. They’re another example of a jealous person or a hater! Love to see you fail to make themselves feel good. That’s not going to happen.… Read More Dream Killers Can’t Knock Your Shine!



Maybe my dreams aren’t crazy Why should I hold back because no one supports me Giving up will only leave me full of regret I don’t want to go around asking myself “what if” The only thing that matters is that I believe in myself I’m so focused on my future  That I  may be ignoring… Read More Goals


They Don’t Understand 

Nobody understands my thoughts and feelings  They don’t understand my passion for my dreams It hurts to have to bottle up everything inside  I never met someone who could genuinely understand the real me Everyone only goes by their perception of me I know I can prove their judgments wrong © Reflection of Des 2017… Read More They Don’t Understand 

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Being Successful at a Young Age

This has been bugging my mind lately. All I keep dreaming of is being successful at a young age. I just think it’s too late for me now because I’ll be turning 19 in November. I know that might sound crazy to y’all and you’re probably thinking I’m still young. For some reason, I feel… Read More Being Successful at a Young Age