Dealing with Your Problems Alone

You know what hurts the most is when you have no one to talk to about your problems. Everything you’re dealing with is bottled up inside you. Even the person closest to you doesn’t care about what’s going on with you. They don’t even bother to ask what is wrong when you express to them… Read More Dealing with Your Problems Alone


Sleep Where Are You?

Sleep where are you? Stop hiding I need you… Can you take me away from the Drowsiness… Depression… and Thoughts… Sleep I need your daily dose   Photo by Andalucía Andaluía on Unsplash Please like my Facebook Page: Reflection of Des   © Reflection of Des 2017

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Ya’ll Just Don’t Understand

It’s funny how people think they know what’s going on with you just from what you show or tell them. They love to say slick comments because “they already know what’s going on in your life.” You know what let me get right into the point. I always have to pretend that everything is good… Read More Ya’ll Just Don’t Understand


Well, This is It!

Well, this is it You saw my weakness Pull me into your circle of love Made me go crazy over you  Even made me lose myself over you  What did I get in return? Lies…  Heart break… Disrespect… Depression… Insecurity… Loneliness… Well, this is it No more getting my heart back No more taking advantage… Read More Well, This is It!

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Coping with Depression (You’re not Alone)

Dealing with depression is tough. It’s even tougher when you feel like you have no one to talk about it with. Depression makes you want to isolate yourself from everyone. There is a feeling of sadness, rage, and a head full of negative thoughts that linger inside of you. Lying in bed all day and… Read More Coping with Depression (You’re not Alone)

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Why I’m Glad I Discovered That I Have Anxiety

It all started back in middle school when I was in the 8th grade. I noticed a change in myself. I knew the feeling of depression but had no idea what anxiety was then. Reflecting back I realized I showed signs of anxiety. This is why I always felt uncomfortable. There were times when I tried to explain… Read More Why I’m Glad I Discovered That I Have Anxiety


Giving up on everything 

I don’t know how to start this post off but here it goes… for the past few days I haven’t been feeling like myself. This past weekend I was out of town and I was fine nothing was bothering me at all. Since I’ve been back home I noticed how moody I’ve become. One moment… Read More Giving up on everything 



Hello, bloggers, I released “Things to do when you’re sad 😭 ” video. If y’all are interested in watching the video I’ll have the video on this post. The video originally got posted on YouTube first so you can watch it on there or on this post. I hope y’all enjoy it!


It Ain’t Right 

People don’t understand my mental ain’t right  I’ll be quick to spazz out if I don’t get myself together This mood creeps up on me  I try not to show the crazy side of me  I have to distance myself before I cause harm I don’t if it’s anxiety or depression  Man all I need… Read More It Ain’t Right 

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Late Night Thoughts.. 

Sometimes I think I’m stuck dreaming about things that seem like they will never happen. I always ask myself “are you truly happy?” and the answer to that is no. There are moments when everything is fine but then I reflects back on how everything isn’t the way I need it to be. I can… Read More Late Night Thoughts..