Love Fell Upon Me

Love I fell in love with you unexpectedly You’re too blind to see it Or maybe you don’t want to believe it Or don’t know how to receive it I love the butterflies I get when you’re around I love your natural scent Intelligence Physical features Smooth voice The affection that you show Your time […]

Open Letter Entry #1: In My Feelings…

Welcome to my first open letter. This series or chronicles may get crazy, emotional, serious, and hilarious.  Currently, I’m sitting here looking crazy with the song “In my feelings” by Drake stuck in my head. All I can hear is Drake saying “Trap, TrapMoneyBenny, this shit got me in my feelings…” Like who the hell […]

On My Mind is YOU!

I can’t stop thinking about you Losing sleep cause you’re on my mind While I’m thinking about you You’re thinking about her Being a fool for her made you blind Failing to read between the lines With me… The signs were there Ignoring me wasn’t fair Silently saying a secret prayer To make you open […]

Fall in Love

Love I want to fall in love with you I can’t… Your heart is somewhere else Daydreaming about having you to myself Feelings Why did my feelings get involved? Ugh Your love is all I want… Falling in love with someone that you want to be with and don’t know if they share mutual feelings […]

Catching Feelings for Someone You’re Attracted To

Have you ever tried to stop yourself from liking somebody? It’s like you try to force yourself to not catch feelings for them but it happens. Even when you try not to think about that person you still have them on your mind. Each thought consists of a future you could have with the person […]

Celebrity Men to Crush On

Every girl or woman has their group of celebrity men they have a crush on. It’s the men who are attractive and steals the girl heart even if she hasn’t met him before in her life. As you continue reading you are going to see the celebrity men I crush on. Ladies, if we share […]

Rejection Can Be A Blessing 😮🙌🏾

I know in your head now you’re thinking how can rejection be a blessing or maybe saying how is that even possible? Well, if you want to find out I’ll explain it to you. Mostly everyone experienced having a crush/liking, someone. We try to build up the courage to approach or text them. That’s when […]


I tremble because you make me so weak Your features attract me strongly Words can’t express why I’m drawn to you Now I’m playing fantasies of us in my head I wonder if you can tell through looking in my eyes Too bad I’m shy to tell you I know that stare gave you a […]