Mi Papi Chulo

*Cue the music* Plays “Papi chulo… (te traigo el mmmm…)” by Lorna Fun toy Playboy Papi Chulo Giving me a thrill Your touch gives me chills Only useful for a good time You make a girl go wild Ay yi yi so suave Mmmm mmmm mmmm Love how you excite me Don’t want our time […]

Temporary Lust

The temporary lust made me want you I wanted a taste of you Wondering what that mouth do Then I stop myself I wanted something more A deeper connection Emotional and mental connection Lust is temporary But Love is forever Us together brings fire and desire Then the realization hit me Lust is our only connection […]

Reached My Breaking Point!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I have to be stuck in this miserable ass town. I’m trying to not get swallow in the big hole of being stuck here forever. I keep asking God “why me?” Everyone else has a chance to be free and enjoy life. I barely get a chance to feel like a […]