Confessions of a Passionate Writer (Collaboration)

First, I want to thank Kirah for collabing with me. We collab with each other on why are we passionate about writing. Be sure to read her article Confessions of a Passionate Writer: from the UK to the USA. For those of you who are not familiar with Kirah. She is a traveler who currently resides in England and is finding her footing in this world by eating, teaching and of course living out of a suitcase to write about the beauty that this world has to offer. Visit her blog to read more of her posts! 

My love for writing…

I can truly say I’m a writer. There’s not a day that goes by without me thinking about writing. I love seeing pages in my notebook filled with my soulful words. God gave me this gift and I’m loving it! I was always good in English. I didn’t know my gift was showing early. Now I’m glad I realized it. Every time I write down my feelings, thoughts, and ideas it relieves me. It gives me a breath of happiness. I would be lost if I didn’t find joy in writing.

Writing is a way to get my voice heard. It helps me to reach out to my readers and touch their hearts. Honestly, it means a lot to me when my readers read my posts. Y’all are my biggest supporters! I try my best to make a positive affect on everyone. I feel like it’s my purpose in life to connect with my readers or anybody else through my writing.

Starting my blog open up my eyes to how good I am at writing. My blog started off as a hobby for me. Now it’s a job that I enjoy doing. I get excited when I have new articles to share with my supporters. Sometimes, I have to laugh at myself at my excitement for writing. You can’t blame me for acting that way because not everyone enjoys writing.

Before I end this post, I want to most importantly thank God again for blessing me with this gift. Now I finally see my purpose in life. My passion for writing has given me happiness, a voice to say what others are feeling, and to inspire others who have the same dreams as me.

Thanks for reading my post. Please don’t forget to visit Kirah blog and read her article Confessions of a Passionate Writer: from the UK to the USA. 

© Reflection of Des 2017

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Confessions of a Book Lover ❤️📖

Loving books started for me every since I was younger. Friends and family members used to call me a “nerd” or “bookworm”. I paid them no attention cause nothing could stop me from loving to read. My first collection of books were the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park. I blame my elementary school teachers for hooking me on those books lol.

Every time when I went to the store with my mom. I always beg her to buy me a new book. It feels so good to buy a fresh book from the store. I will literally spend hours searching for the “perfect” book before I make a purchase. The title, book cover, or the book description helps me decide if I want to buy it or not. I’m always determined to leave out the store with a good novel. Anyone that’s a book lover like me would understand.

Currently, as a young adult, I still have the same feelings towards books. Whenever I have extra money to buy one I go straight to the book section in the store. Usually, I go to Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble. I used to go to Books-a-Million since they weren’t as expensive as Barnes and Noble but it’s been awhile since I went there. Wal-Mart may not have a huge variety of books like the other two stores but their prices are way cheaper. So, most of the time I will try checking out what books they have before I go into my other two favorite bookstores.

This is random, but I’ll rather read a print version of a book instead of the kindle version. Reading books from a tablet is cool and all, but let’s face it. It’s nothing like the old-fashioned way of reading books. I love the feeling of a thick chapter book in my hand. It’s more to read and I get add it to my bookshelf.

Anyways, books are the greatest creation that was ever made. I couldn’t imagine myself living in a world without any books. Some of the knowledge I have today comes from books I have read. Shoutout to my mom for feeding my book habit before I was able to buy books with my own money lol!

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© Reflection of Des 2017

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