Time to Take a Break

Open letter 3 was supposed to be about a whole other topic but I’ll save that for another time. Anyways, I think it’s time for me to take a little break from everything that I’m doing. I think I might need a couple of hours or days to get my mind back on track. Honestly,… Read More Time to Take a Break


Mental Break Days are Important

Mental break days are important. It’s sad how some people choose to not take it seriously. Have you ever needed a mental break? Like you’re drained from the daily routine and need a break from everything. Especially if you have been constantly working without getting the rest you need. That can be so exhausting!! We… Read More Mental Break Days are Important

About Me


Right now, I need a vacation so bad. Taking a break from everything for a little while would help me out a lot. Trying to sleep to get my mind off of things isn’t working. Every time I close my eyes πŸ‘€ my thoughts gets louder in my head. It’s driving me crazyyyy! I’m a… Read More I NEED A VACATION NOW! ✈️😫😭


No More Crying

It will be sleepless nights Thinking about you will make my mind spin around Turning up the music in my headphones to drown out the negative thoughts How can I believe you when you hurt me million times before? Everything I felt I had to hold it in There is no one to talk to… Read More No More Crying