Fly on the Wall by Trista Russell Book Review

This book review contains some foul language. Read at your own risk.

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Paige is a 32-year-old English teacher who develops an intimate relationship with her student Theodore Lakewood. Theodore aka Theo is a senior at West Dade Senior High and the star basketball player at the school. Everything is going well between the two until their secret gets spread around.

The Review Begins…

Fly on the wall has comedic, sexual, and drama-filled scenes throughout the book. The combination of the three makes the book very entertaining. When you read the first page of the book it immediately draws you into the book. There weren’t any dull moments in the book. That’s exactly why I love reading urban fiction books they always keep you on your toes. I like how the author included funny parts from “The Fly” in the story. Even though I’m against teachers and students having relationships with each other intimately. This novel makes you think that what if this is how situations like that play out in real life. One random thing I want to mention is how there was a scene in the book that made me realize that the song “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah is a sexual song. I was in shock lol. Anyways, let me get back on track with this book review.

Towards the end of the book things got pretty intense. The truth really starts to unravel. There’s a unexpected twist that will have to in shock.


Honestly, I didn’t have any favorite characters in this novel. It’s not that I didn’t like any of the characters. I just didn’t connect to any of them personally. Every character in the novel had unique personalities. They remind me of every day you are around all the time.

Paige: A very intelligent woman. The only thing that annoys me about her is the decisions she makes when it comes to the relationships she’s in or starts to develop. Especially when she fools around with her ex-husband Craig. After all that bull he put her through there are times she still lets him get his way. I understand how she still loves him in a way but he should be the last person she should want to mess around with. She shouldn’t want his dirty dick 🤮. Another thing I want to mention is the fact that she isn’t as careful as she wants to be when messing around with Theo. He had her head in the clouds. One thing I can admit is that at least Theo was 18 though so he’s legal.

Theo: Man Theo was definitely mature for his age. I can see why Paige end up attracted to him. He can sweep a girl off their feet. He’s good at reading women too. That’s sexy and dangerous at the same time to me lol. I must admit he’s a smart kid. Paige got him pussy whip.

Eva Lakewood: She’s Theo mother. You can tell how supportive she is as a mother when it comes to his future with basketball. One thing I am surprise about is how you didn’t realize what was going on with Paige and Theo. Yes, of course she worked a lot. Usually parents still dig deep for clues when strange things are going on with their children. I guess she wasn’t focus enough to put two and two together as things were going on.

The Fly: Including the fly in pieces of the book was funny. Basically the fly is the one who tells the “real” story of what happen between Paige and Theo. Having the fly in the story is like watching a movie then it pauses so the narrator can come in and give you some background on what’s really going on. The fly brought some entertainment to the novel too.

Toni: She’s Paige best friend. I love how she keeps it real with Paige. Especially when it comes to stuff about Craig. There are times when I believe she can come off as a little judgmental. I don’t care for her husband Marcus because he was overly obsessed with the swinger situation. Marcus acts like he doesn’t respect her as his wife either. I don’t blame Toni for being mad at him about the situation that happen with Tara and Jamal.

Craig: I don’t have any respect for him. He’s so arrogant too. This man is the attractive asshole that you wish you would’ve never had feelings for. It’s funny how his feelings get hurt when his ego is bruised.

Trese: This little ghetto heffa played herself when it came to being involved with Theo. Too bad Theo wasn’t a fool for her. In a way, I feel bad for her because of the environment she grew up in which I believe influences her decisions on the things that she does. She better be glad Theo didn’t knock her upside her head cause she was outta pocket (disrespectful) sometimes.

Doran: Now I’m not going to tell the shocking truth about this man because that would be spoiling the story. For a minute he had me fooled. This man is something else. All I’m going to say is he’s someone that you probably shouldn’t trust.

Will: He’s Theo best friend. I’m surprise he didn’t figure out quickly what was going on between Theo and Paige. Even though he was one of the main characters in the book. He showed up every now and then.

Even though it took me foreverrrr to finish this book. I really enjoyed it. This novel deserves 5/5 stars. The author put a lot of effort into this story to make it good!! I will be reading more of Trista Russell books.




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Urban Fiction Books You Should Read

Finding urban fiction books are tough if you don’t know any good authors or bookstores who sell those type of books. Even when I was younger it was hard for me to find books by black authors. When I finally discover where to get urban fiction books it felt like heaven. In this article, I will list good urban fiction books you should read. All the books I list are books I read before.

That Girl is Poison by Tia Hines – Desiree Jones was abandoned by her mother. She had to stay with her uncle and his abusive wife. Everything gets worse when she gets involved with this dude name Malik who leaves her pregnant and with HIV. Check out the book review I did on this book. Amazon price: $14.95 USD (paperback) $4.99 USD (Kindle price) 

The People vs. Cashmere by Karen Williams – Family tragedy happens which leads Carmen and Cashmere to live with their hateful aunt. To survive the sisters turn to drugs and prostitution. Carmen starts to get jealous when their pimp falls in love with her sister Cashmere which led to crazy events to happen. Amazon price: $6.99 USD 

Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette – Raven’s dad is over the drug trade. He tries to keep her away from the street life but she falls in love with a stickup kid name Mizan who wants a come up. This book is really good. I believe I cried when I read it too 😂. It had drama you would’ve never seen coming. Amazon price: $3.99 USD

Mina’s Joint by Keisha Ervin – Mina gets out of the hood and is engaged to the Mayor’s son in her city. Everything seems perfect but things are not what they seem. Her life goes downhill when her childhood crush Victor Gonzalez comes back into her life. This book took so many twists and turns I wasn’t expecting at all. If you enjoy this book then you can read part 2. I haven’t read part 2 yet.  Amazon Price: $7.26 or $6.99 USD (the two cheapest prices I saw) 

Home Wrecker by Dwayne S. Joseph Lisette is a beautiful woman who works at a elite firm as the head fashion designer. One day her co worker Marlene comes to Lisette about a business deal that will make her wealthy. The business deal is to set up Steve (Marlene’s husband) to expose him as a cheater. While working her regular 9 to 5 job Lisette starts getting paid to ruin marriages as a Home Wrecker. Everything is going well until a strange caller threatens her life. I am just going to say this everyone got what they deserved in this book. Click here to read my review on the book. Amazon price: $6.99 USD 

Full Circle by Ayana Ellis: Carin is a young girl who was a stick-up kid with dangerous thugs in Brooklyn, NY. Then her lifestyle changes when she meets Monty. He is the guy who knocked her off her feet. Monty is an influential man in the streets of Brooklyn. Everything is going well between him and Carin until their relationships turn abusive and came with other hellish events. Man if I am not mistaken I cried when I read this book. It’s a thick book but worth reading. Amazon Price: $6.99 USD 

Diary of a Street Diva by Ashley Antoinette & JaQuavis Coleman: This book is truly a page-turner. It’s about the wife of a hustler name Caesar dying from a fatal gunshot. He has to go on trial for her murder. On the morning of the trial, he discovers her diary that holds hidden secrets of her past he never knew about. Amazon Price: $5.26 USD

The Prada Plan by Ashley Antoinette: This was the first urban fiction book I read. After I read this book I got hooked on the book genre. To be honest, this might be one of the wildest books I ever read. The story is about a girl name Diaysa Morgan who falls in love with a guy name Indie and tries to hide her treacherous lifestyle. The lifestyle is filled with drugs and prostitution. This book has a whole series. I didn’t get to finish the whole series though. Amazon price: $5.99 USD

After reading this article I hope you go and check out the books. Let me know if you want a part two of urban fiction books you should read. If you have read any of these books tell me in the comment section. Have you ever read urban fiction books before? Also, before you go I will list stores where you can buy urban fiction books.

List of Stores

Walmart (in the book department in the African American section)

Thriftbooks (randomly search up an urban fiction author then click on a book buy them then you should get other suggestions of other urban fiction books)


Barnes & Noble (have to find the books by the author name. You may have to write down a list of authors before you go in the store unless you have specific books you are looking for)

Books- a- Million (they used to have an African American section like Walmart but I believe they got rid of it. So, just find the books by the title or author)

If I find more stores I will update this list. I only list the stores I purchase books from.



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Thriftbooks Haul and Review (YouTube Video Included)

Today I received my package from I was so excited!  Thriftbooks is a website you can buy used books that are in good condition for a cheap price. Their price range on books is from $3.00 to $100.00. To be honest, most of their books are $3 or $4 it depends on what type of book you’re looking for. Make sure you watch the video down below to get more details on Thriftbooks. If you’re interested in buying books from the website click here to sign up and use my referral code. Also, if you use their app to buy your first set of books you get a 15% discount. Another good thing about Thriftbooks is if you spend at least $10.00 on their site you get free shipping.


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