Fly on the Wall by Trista Russell Book Review

This book review contains some foul language. Read at your own risk.

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Paige is a 32-year-old English teacher who develops an intimate relationship with her student Theodore Lakewood. Theodore aka Theo is a senior at West Dade Senior High and the star basketball player at the school. Everything is going well between the two until their secret gets spread around.

The Review Begins…

Fly on the wall has comedic, sexual, and drama-filled scenes throughout the book. The combination of the three makes the book very entertaining. When you read the first page of the book it immediately draws you into the book. There weren’t any dull moments in the book. That’s exactly why I love reading urban fiction books they always keep you on your toes. I like how the author included funny parts from “The Fly” in the story. Even though I’m against teachers and students having relationships with each other intimately. This novel makes you think that what if this is how situations like that play out in real life. One random thing I want to mention is how there was a scene in the book that made me realize that the song “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah is a sexual song. I was in shock lol. Anyways, let me get back on track with this book review.

Towards the end of the book things got pretty intense. The truth really starts to unravel. There’s a unexpected twist that will have to in shock.


Honestly, I didn’t have any favorite characters in this novel. It’s not that I didn’t like any of the characters. I just didn’t connect to any of them personally. Every character in the novel had unique personalities. They remind me of every day you are around all the time.

Paige: A very intelligent woman. The only thing that annoys me about her is the decisions she makes when it comes to the relationships she’s in or starts to develop. Especially when she fools around with her ex-husband Craig. After all that bull he put her through there are times she still lets him get his way. I understand how she still loves him in a way but he should be the last person she should want to mess around with. She shouldn’t want his dirty dick 🤮. Another thing I want to mention is the fact that she isn’t as careful as she wants to be when messing around with Theo. He had her head in the clouds. One thing I can admit is that at least Theo was 18 though so he’s legal.

Theo: Man Theo was definitely mature for his age. I can see why Paige end up attracted to him. He can sweep a girl off their feet. He’s good at reading women too. That’s sexy and dangerous at the same time to me lol. I must admit he’s a smart kid. Paige got him pussy whip.

Eva Lakewood: She’s Theo mother. You can tell how supportive she is as a mother when it comes to his future with basketball. One thing I am surprise about is how you didn’t realize what was going on with Paige and Theo. Yes, of course she worked a lot. Usually parents still dig deep for clues when strange things are going on with their children. I guess she wasn’t focus enough to put two and two together as things were going on.

The Fly: Including the fly in pieces of the book was funny. Basically the fly is the one who tells the “real” story of what happen between Paige and Theo. Having the fly in the story is like watching a movie then it pauses so the narrator can come in and give you some background on what’s really going on. The fly brought some entertainment to the novel too.

Toni: She’s Paige best friend. I love how she keeps it real with Paige. Especially when it comes to stuff about Craig. There are times when I believe she can come off as a little judgmental. I don’t care for her husband Marcus because he was overly obsessed with the swinger situation. Marcus acts like he doesn’t respect her as his wife either. I don’t blame Toni for being mad at him about the situation that happen with Tara and Jamal.

Craig: I don’t have any respect for him. He’s so arrogant too. This man is the attractive asshole that you wish you would’ve never had feelings for. It’s funny how his feelings get hurt when his ego is bruised.

Trese: This little ghetto heffa played herself when it came to being involved with Theo. Too bad Theo wasn’t a fool for her. In a way, I feel bad for her because of the environment she grew up in which I believe influences her decisions on the things that she does. She better be glad Theo didn’t knock her upside her head cause she was outta pocket (disrespectful) sometimes.

Doran: Now I’m not going to tell the shocking truth about this man because that would be spoiling the story. For a minute he had me fooled. This man is something else. All I’m going to say is he’s someone that you probably shouldn’t trust.

Will: He’s Theo best friend. I’m surprise he didn’t figure out quickly what was going on between Theo and Paige. Even though he was one of the main characters in the book. He showed up every now and then.

Even though it took me foreverrrr to finish this book. I really enjoyed it. This novel deserves 5/5 stars. The author put a lot of effort into this story to make it good!! I will be reading more of Trista Russell books.



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4 Places You Can Buy Cheap Books From

Finding the perfect store to buy cheap books is difficult if you don’t know where to go. Even though books are not cheap at all. It’s still nice to find some place where to can buy books in your price range. Hopefully, the stores that are listed below become your favorite place to shop for books.

1) Goodwill: If you have this thrift store in your town and city stop by and take a look in the store. They have a good variety of used books. Recently, I went to my local Goodwill store to find some books. The books I bought were very cheap and in good condition. I got 5 books for $4.97 USD. Man, when I walked out that store I felt so good. Imagine if I went to Barnes and Noble. I probably would’ve spent $100 or more on 5 books.

2) Thriftbooks: I have ordered from their website twice. One night I was on YouTube and I discover their site. I was so hyped about it. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Anyways, they are an online site that sells new and used books. You can find any book you can imagine on their site. You only have to spend at least $10 to get free shipping. That’s a deal right there. Most of the book prices start from $3.79 on up. On my first order of books I bought from them I got 4 books for $15.86 USD. The second set of books I order from them I got 5 for books for $20.24 USD. Click here to check out

3) Walmart: If you shop at Walmart to do grocery shopping you should stop by their book section. They update the section frequently. Usually, when I visit their book section they have books that just been released or been out for a while. Most of the time their book prices start at $5.00 or more. I’ve bought a good bit of books out of their store.

4) Dollar Tree: Sometimes this store can have a good selection of books if you’re open to reading any genre. Also, some Dollar Tree stores have a better book selection than others. Make sure you go to a good one. Usually, when I look through their books I take my time and look extra hard through them lol. I’m very picky when it comes to picking out a good book. The reason this store is on the list because their books are only $1.00 USD plus tax. The tax is only like 0.08 though. You will be surprised at what kind of books you are able to find out of there. You may see one of your favorite author books in there.

If you get a chance make sure you check out the stores that were mention in the article. Have you ever bought books from any of the stores that were mention? Do you know any more stores that sell books at a cheap price? If so, feel free to comment the store names.



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Deadly Phine: A Tale of Urban Terror Book Review

Before I start this book review I want to thank Darrell King for giving me the opportunity to read and review his book. In this book review, it has a few spoilers. Continue reading if you don’t mind reading the spoilers…


Valentino is a drug lord who has HIV/AIDS with the goal of spreading the virus throughout the inner city. He does this to help with the government secret organization (the Illuminati) to reduce America’s black community. Valentino is the perfect guy to do this job. Women can’t resist him, and he doesn’t care about spreading the deadly virus because he does it for the money.

Overall Thoughts on the Book

When I started reading this book I was confused, and it was hard for me to get into it. As I kept reading, further along, I grew to like it a little. Honestly, it had a twist on it I wasn’t used to when I read urban fiction books. I didn’t mind though. The book gives you important and interesting information about the history of HIV/AIDS. Also, as I was reading the way the character was talking sound a little like southern slang to me. By reading the ending of the story Valentino is truly unstoppable. He’ll do anything to survive and for money.

Thoughts on the Characters

Valentino: I respect this man hustle, but I don’t agree with the things he is doing. Especially with pimping young females. The sickening part about him is the fact that he spreads the virus to these young women without them knowing. The only time I did like him a little when he was warning Dr. Goddard not to mess with the young hoes because more than likely they have the virus because he had sex with them. It’s disgusting how he spread the virus too! He knew how to pick the right victims though.

Dr. Goddard: I don’t blame him for feeling unsafe when he was staying with Valentino for a while. Sometimes I get paranoid and I know for a fact I couldn’t do that secret assignment. There are moments when he did act a little uppity though. He didn’t have to judge Valentino just because of the lifestyle he’s living.

Meredith: Her death sounded so painful. It made me hurt inside as I was reading the details of her death. Oh well, she caused everything on herself. She had a lot of lovers but that’s part of the game. She even caught feelings for Valentino which messed her up too because he wasn’t trying to have a future with her. Love will make you do crazy things for real!

Wilhelm: I am on his side when he was wondering why Meredith is messing around with Valentino knowing he has the virus. Then again, it wasn’t like their marriage was perfect anyway. I don’t know why he got depressed about things going wrong in his personal life because he knew his job would cause chaos. Good things don’t last forever.

Overall, the characters in the book played major roles in the book. Everyone had their own agenda. I could I understand their reasons though because I looked at everything from their point of view.

I will give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. The reason why I rated this book only four stars because it had me confused a little bit at first. It did have a good storyline though.  I loved the fact the information about HIV/AIDs were given in the book through each chapter. Also, the author was good at giving strong details of the scenes throughout the book. I recommend everyone to check this book out. If you do get a chance to read it tell me your thoughts on it. This book is suitable for a mature audience.


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Homewrecker by Dwayne S. Joseph Book Review

Before I get deeper into this book review. I want to say this was the absolute best book I ever read! I enjoyed reading it. This is an urban fiction book you need to take a chance reading. Dwayne S. Joseph is a great author!


Lisette is an attractive woman who knows how to seduce men very well. She gets hired to ruin relationships that’s why they call her the “homewrecker.” This job provides her with a wealthy source of income. Everything is going well for her until a strange caller says they need Lisette help or something bad will happen to her.

Sharing my Thoughts

When I started reading this book it immediately caught my attention. The author did a good job of grabbing your attention on the first page of the book. Honestly, I thought the book would focus on at least one main relationship, but it didn’t. It threw in other relationships and connections with the circle of main characters which expanded the good drama in the book. There was no confusion about trying to identify the characters throughout the book scenes. The flow of the book went at a great pace. There wasn’t any rushed or dragged out parts.

Thoughts on the Characters

Lisette: She is a very strong woman. The control and power she has fit her character. I agreed with her when she said: “Relationships make you too dependent.” I connected with that line on a deep level.

Marlene: She is a sweet person. I didn’t view her as a weak character. She had a strong bone in her body, but she needed Lisette to push that out of her. I hated she cared what other people thought of her. Even though I hated it I still looked at her point of view. Marlene was always used to everyone judging her all her life so that’s why her mindset was tainted. She’s the type of friend you would need by yourself. Lisette gave her hell at some points, but she still was there by her side.

Kyra Rogers: She deserved everything that happened to her. Kyra should’ve known her “good life” wouldn’t last forever. She did too much dirt to people. Karma got her good. Dwayne did a very good job writing Kyra outcome. She’s full of jealousy to me.

Myles: He was so caught up in his own world of distractions. Most of the situations that happened to him would’ve never existed if he paid more attention to the outside world. I kind of felt bad for him with his luck with women. Then again, now I feel like he brought the last marriage disaster on himself. How are you so blind when it comes to gold digging hoes?

Steve: He’s such a nasty bastard! Nothing made me have respect for him at all. Steve is selfish, disrespectful, and punk. This man wants to do so much dirty work but doesn’t want to pay for the consequences.


There weren’t any flaws in this book. The whole story is well written. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you’re looking for a good urban fiction book to read I recommend this book for you to read. You won’t be disappointed at all. Also, this book has explicit language so it would be good for adults to read. If you have read this book before. Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.




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BEAT’N IT UPP By Darrell King Book Review (YouTube Video Included)

Hey readers, I just got finish reading Beat’N It Upp by Darrell King. It’s an urban fiction ebook. I thought the book was pretty good. In my video, I explained the details about the book. Shout out to Darrell for giving me the opportunity to review his ebook. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more of my videos. Enjoy the video!



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My Trip to Barnes & Noble

Today, I went to my local Barnes & Noble store to buy me some good books to read. The books that I chose looked interesting. I’m so excited to read them. I did read the summary of the books before I got them. Before I spent a good bit of money on them. I had to make sure they were worth reading. It’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a book or books then they suck. The books I decided buying are…

1) Working Girls by Katt

2)The Pink Palace by Marlon McCaulsky

3)The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life by Jennifer Byrne

They sound like good books, right? The first two books are urban fiction books which are books I tend to read the most. Book number three is a fun book to give out life advice that I don’t mind following. Can y’all believe that I spent $61.19 on just those three books? Most of you would probably be upset if you spent that much money on books. But, if you’re a book lover like me it doesn’t matter what the total was. As long as you had enough money to buy it then you’re good.

Also, I know most of you are wondering why didn’t I have a membership card or go to Books-a-Million because it’s cheaper. Well, today I finally signed up for a membership card at Barnes and Noble. Usually, I avoid it but today I didn’t. So, now when I go to Barnes and Noble I get a good discount on things I buy out of there. Oh yeah, the cashier did give me a discount on my purchase too since I had signed up for the card.

I was happy with my purchase today. Every time I go to Barnes & Noble I can’t leave out of there with at least one book lol. I have an addiction to buying books!! Like I said earlier in this post I’m a book lover. I can’t help it. Do any of you buy books from Barnes & Noble? If so, what kind of books do you buy? After I read my books I purchase I will give everyone a book review. My challenge for you is to go out and buy a book that catches your interest.


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5 Movies Teenagers Should Watch


As a teenager sometimes it’s hard to find movies that you can relate to. You’ll go on Google and sometimes get no luck. Don’t worry I got you. Here’s are 5 movies teenagers should watch.

Just Another Girl on the I.R.T (1992): Even though this movie has strong curse words in it. I think it’s necessary for teens to watch. Well, at least if the teen is mature to handle the language. This movie teaches teens especially young women how careful they should be when having sex. Teen pregnancy is the topic of this movie. You can find this movie on the Starz app. Honestly, I feel like this movie should get watched in early childhood class.

Cyberbully (2011): This movie teaches teens how cruel cyberbullying is. We should this is an important topic teenagers need to talk about. We all know how cyberbullying plays a big role in today’s society.

Freedom Writers (2007): Freedom Writers is a true story about a high school teacher and her students. From my point of view, it can show that no matter who you are. You can make a positive change on others like the teacher Mrs. Gruwell did for her students. Gang violence is talked about in this movie also. This movie was originally a book before it came out as a movie. You can get this book from Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and probably your local library.

Save the Last Dance (2001): In this movie, you’ll see an interracial relationship between Sarah and Derrick. There were some friends and family that judged their relationship. That didn’t stop them from being together to a certain extent. I know there are some teenagers out there who are in interracial relationships that may get judged because who they are happy with. So I think some teens will be able to relate to this movie. By the way, this movie has explicit language in it but mature teens will be able to handle it. 

Bring it on (2000): This funny movie is full of high school teenage drama with cheerleaders. It’s a classic movie. I haven’t met anyone that didn’t like this movie. More females would obsessed over this move than men. I mean there isn’t a specific rule that men won’t enjoy this movie though.


Maybe some of you already seen these 5 movies. It doesn’t hurt to go watch them again. Each one of these movies teach every teen valuable lessons. If you’re a parent reading this you should let your teenager watch the movies listed above. Trust me they will enjoy it.

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Confessions of a Book Lover ❤️📖

Loving books started for me every since I was younger. Friends and family members used to call me a “nerd” or “bookworm”. I paid them no attention cause nothing could stop me from loving to read. My first collection of books were the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park. I blame my elementary school teachers for hooking me on those books lol.

Every time when I went to the store with my mom. I always beg her to buy me a new book. It feels so good to buy a fresh book from the store. I will literally spend hours searching for the “perfect” book before I make a purchase. The title, book cover, or the book description helps me decide if I want to buy it or not. I’m always determined to leave out the store with a good novel. Anyone that’s a book lover like me would understand.

Currently, as a young adult, I still have the same feelings towards books. Whenever I have extra money to buy one I go straight to the book section in the store. Usually, I go to Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble. I used to go to Books-a-Million since they weren’t as expensive as Barnes and Noble but it’s been awhile since I went there. Wal-Mart may not have a huge variety of books like the other two stores but their prices are way cheaper. So, most of the time I will try checking out what books they have before I go into my other two favorite bookstores.

This is random, but I’ll rather read a print version of a book instead of the kindle version. Reading books from a tablet is cool and all, but let’s face it. It’s nothing like the old-fashioned way of reading books. I love the feeling of a thick chapter book in my hand. It’s more to read and I get add it to my bookshelf.

Anyways, books are the greatest creation that was ever made. I couldn’t imagine myself living in a world without any books. Some of the knowledge I have today comes from books I have read. Shoutout to my mom for feeding my book habit before I was able to buy books with my own money lol!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Murdergram by Nisa Santiago Book Review

Synopsis: Cristal convinced her friends to work a dangerous job with her. The girls turned into trained assassins. The Cristál Clique are ready to take on any risk that comes their way. Their clique is nothing to play with.  Don’t let their innocent faces and petite frames fool you! 

This urban novel will tug at your conscience. Then again you’ll understand why some of the characters made certain decisions throughout the novel.  Honestly, I couldn’t go through the harsh situations they went through. My kind heart wouldn’t let me be at peace.

Opinions on the Characters…

Cristal: She’s the “It” girl out of her crew of friends. Cristal showed how in charge she was throughout the novel. This girl is persuasive and magnetic which makes it easy for things to go her way. I didn’t  like how cold-hearted she was during certain parts of the story. She could have had a little heart. I understand she couldn’t show sympathy in her line of work, but there were ways to make a different outcome. I feel like the “Commission rules” brainwashed her also. I’m a believer in strong power but sometimes you have to put your foot down when it’s necessary.

Tamar: She’s the one out of the group that had the strongest bond with Cristal. Tamar is a wild party girl and nonchalant. She will say anything that comes to her mind. Truthfully, she always kept it real with her friends though. One thing I didn’t like about her is her jealous streak. It’s like she doesn’t want to see anyone else happy. She’s more cold-hearted than Cristal which is frightening!

Sharon: She’s my favorite girl of the crew. Sharon isn’t easily persuaded. Even though she grew up in the hood/ghetto she showed more intelligence than her friends. Also, I believed she was classier too. She liked to have fun but not get too wild. I love how she stole Pike’s heart without losing her morals.

Lisa: She’s a sweetheart. I hate how she’s easily influenced by her friends. It led her into an awful path. It’s sad how everything happened to her. Bad things always happen to good people.

Mona: She came from a two parent household. Mona is cool I guess. I mean it’s stupid how she followed Cristal and Tamar into the murder business. I respect the fact she had a change of heart when crazy situations happened. Yes, she did her dirt but at least she realized that she needed to change her lifestyle.

E.P: I had a feeling he was going to have feelings for Cristal. He’s a man who someone shouldn’t trust to a certain extent. Some of the things he told Cristal didn’t seem right. When he first met Cristal I knew he was going to bring a change to her life.  I love his intelligence, but he is a dangerous man.

Pike: He had big dreams. Too bad he couldn’t fulfill them. He did act cocky. I’m glad Sharon didn’t let him take advantage of her like he does other women. Yeah, he might have his mean ways towards some people but through that tough layer, he has a soft heart.

Hugo: At first, when he popped up in the book I thought he was Cristal enemy. I was thinking “Nooo, Cristal don’t fall for him!!” lol. Turns out he wasn’t so bad after all. On the other hand, I don’t like the fact how he cheated on Cristal because if you so-called in love with someone no temptation that comes your way will phase you. I mean I know Cristal wasn’t an angle herself. In other words, he wasn’t a bad person even though he made that one mistake.

Overall, Nisa Santiago did a good job writing this book. The story line is right on point. I’m anxious to read part two to this series. I’m a sucker for plot twists in novels. Nisa did that well in this book. It’s a good read if you like urban fiction. I recommend everyone to read this book.

*This book is recommended for ages 18 & up. 

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13 Reasons Why Review 

You may have seen all over social media everyone has talked about the new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why.” I took the time to watch it myself and the show was pretty good. I binge watched it in two days. It’s basically about a girl named Hannah who commits suicide, but before this happens she made cassette tapes for people who changed her life in a terrible way. It’s also a book if you’re interested in reading it.

I believe this show connected to many viewers. The rawness of it brought out problems that some people deal with on the regular. It’s not your typical happy-go-lucky high school tv show or movie. It showed the reality of high school whether you’re a loner or a popular kid. Some kids are pretty cruel which makes high school life even harder. I’m glad the creator touched on the subject which is suicide and more touchy subjects. Suicide is a common thing that happens too often. It happens after a person plots it for a while and wants to release pain from balled up feelings inside. Well, that’s my definition of it. Do anyone else agree with it? Hannah took the time to plot out her stories for the cassette tapes for each person that did her wrong. She made sure she spilled out every truth behind each story and left no details out about them. The stories to each person pulled at their conscious. I’m not going to lie it even had me thinking about my actions towards others. This show knows how to play mind games with you. You’ll have to figure out who’s good or bad…no scratch that who’s trustworthy or not. None of the “friends” Hannah thought she had actually realized how every little joke or mistake they made turned her life into hell. Listening to the tapes gave them full of regrets though. I’m glad she did do this because they deserved it. Hannah was a sweet girl who was special in her own way, but I hate people started nasty rumors about her. I love her character because she was very brave to deal with the drama as long as she did. This is the type of show you have to pay close attention to understand what’s going on. It reminds me of Pretty Little Liars a bit. Every scene gives you clues to predict what may happen next. Towards the end of this first season, it gets very intense. I cried (why am I so emotional lol) everything spun out of control. Yes, this is when you’ll finally hear Clay’s tape. You will be eager to listen to it. I’m not going to spoil anything for you all though. If you haven’t watched this show yet go check it out on Netflix. It’s worth watching trust me.

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