Letting Fear Take Over

All my fears are coming to surface. They are pressuring me to give up, isolate myself, runaway from what’s scaring me. Fear is a bully that will dig into your most tender parts. Wanting you to crumble into failure. The enemy that can defeat you if you allow it to. I chose not to let… Read More Letting Fear Take Over


Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

Have you ever had an experience where you messed up a good situation with someone? This person put their whole heart into you, showed how much they cared, and even proved to you that they were genuine. They were down with you through whatever. Too bad everything didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.… Read More Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

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Life Changes Everything Around Us

There is always one thing that ruins your whole mood. It’s crazy how one little thing can change everything! Especially when your life is going so well. It’s like that saying “it’s too good to be true.” Anyways, it doesn’t take much for certain things to ruin your mood. For example, you could’ve got good… Read More Life Changes Everything Around Us