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Stop Being Afraid of Long Distance Relationships

Stop being afraid of long distance relationships. They’re just like any other “normal” relationship besides the distance. People be like ” I don’t like long distance relationships because the person will cheat.” Or they will say “you never know what the person is doing when you’re not around.” Have any of you heard of the word called TRUST?

Stop trying to assume the worse out of long distance relationships without trying one. If the person you’re with cares about you. They won’t give you a reason to lose trust for them. Also, if they are doing something behind your back. You’ll get a funny feeling that they aren’t being faithful to you.

Anyways, don’t let assumptions get in the way of your fate. Your soulmate may be the person you get into a long-distance relationship with. Would you let distance stop you from being in a relationship with your soulmate? Long distance relationships teach you about your character, decision-making, and loyalty.

 So, what’s your point?

My point is people love to talk negative about long distance relationships. Most of them NEVER had an experience being in one. Once you tell someone you are in a ldr (long distance relationship) then suddenly they become an expert on long distance relationships. Throwing negative comments at you telling you why you shouldn’t be in that type of relationship. If you are in one ignore their comments. You shouldn’t let them make you feel some type of way because you’re not in a “normal” relationship. Prove to them that you can make a long-distance relationship work out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Be happy with who you are with. Don’t be ashamed of your ldr! Enjoy your relationship to the fullest.


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