Some People Kills Me With Their Negative Comments

First of all, I can’t stand for a person to always say slick comments when you tell them about your situation. When it comes to them telling you their problems they expect you to not say anything negative. This irks my nerves. I know I’m not the only person that goes through this. This is the main reason I stop talking to certain people because I don’t like hearing their negative comments. Having their bad energy around me isn’t helping anything.

That’s the problem with people now they are quick to judge your lifestyle but don’t take the time to listen and view the situation from your point of view. It’s time to leave those people behind. Don’t have any regret about it. I’ll be a shoulder to lean on if you feel like you can’t vent or talk to anyone else. I give no judgment towards anyone. Readers, if you have people in your life that always want to throw negativity in your situation just stop talking to them. It doesn’t matter who they are. If they can’t support you in a positive way then forget about them.

In conclusion, be happy with everything that makes you feel comfortable. I can’t stress that enough. Sometimes you have to show people who their negative comments won’t bring you down and stop you from being yourself. Like the old saying “misery loves company.” Don’t let that misery suck you in.

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