Sister, Sister Reboot!

As I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline. I came across a tweet that was from Source magazine saying “Sister, Sister Reboot” click here to read their article. My first reaction was oh no this won’t be good at all. Before you say anything, the only reason why I said that is because every time they give certain shows reboots it doesn’t turn out good. It gives me a mixture of feelings. I don’t know whether I should get excited or not get my hopes up at all. I’ll mention valid reasons why.

The main reason why Sister, Sister shouldn’t have a reboot because it may suck like other tv shows that did the same. Yes, I know every show isn’t exactly alike, but I feel like the production team won’t bring it back to life. I hope they put a lot of thought into this project. Maybe they did who am I to give my two cents?

Most people have their hopes up for reboots like this one and get disappointed because the storyline of the show doesn’t make sense to the original. Everything gets thrown off track. How will the storyline play out? The show already had its “happy ending” in my opinion. The last episode ended with Lisa having her dream wedding. Tia is getting ready to go to New York to the WNBA. Tamera is going off to Africa and Ray gets a new job. What kind of plot twist will the reboot bring?

I love Sister, Sister. Binge watching their show is something I used to do when they had marathons on tv. I won’t get my hopes up for the reboot because it may ruin the real spark that the show had with the twins. Plus, it’ll be too modern. Yes, it may sound crazy to some. Of course, they will have to make it modern but Sister, Sister is better during the 90s era. That’s what made it special to me.

After reading this article, I don’t want you to feel like I am bashing the reboot. Like I mentioned earlier I love Sister, Sister. Also, it’s nice to have one of your favorite throwback shows on tv. Sometimes it’s better when they stay in that way. You can always relive the moments by binge-watching the original episodes. On the brighter side at least, the show will have most of the original actors in it. Everyone seems fine with everything. Also, I read they will have the same production team. Some people will enjoy the show then others won’t. Let’s see what this reboot has to bring. What’re your thoughts on a Sister, Sister reboot?


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