Rushing into relationships isn’t always a good idea. You didn’t take the time to learn the other person’s personality. Did you even figure out what you want out of a relationship before you rushed in one? Maybe you did, and everything worked out fine.

Let’s think about the bad outcome like things didn’t work out. For the first month, you’re in heaven and in love with your partner. Then during the next month, you see how rocky things start to get. The both of you seem to argue about everything under the sun. Your “puppy love” turns into hate towards each other. Everything you planned with the person erases from your mind.

After a while, you start to doubt rushing to get into a relationship with them. You’re even embarrassed that you proved everyone right that told you not to rush things. Relationships aren’t supposed to be rushed. In the beginning, it’s fine to take your time with the person you like. That’s what they have the “talking stage” for.

Give yourself time to enjoy the person before you get fully committed to them. This is the time to chill. The point I’m trying to make is if you’re rushing a relationship with someone. It probably won’t work out. Life is about going with the flow of things. If fate wants you with the person you have feelings for. Then you will end up in a relationship with them.


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