Reminder for my Readers!

Hello, readers, how are you today? If you’re doing good that’s great! I wanted to remind everyone that I am on a new blogging schedule. I made a post about it last week. I’ll put the new schedule up on this post just in case some of you haven’t seen it already.

Monday – Poetry: I’ll post 4 poems 

Tuesday – Topic Tuesdays: I’ll come up with 3 topics to talk about on 3 different posts.

Wednesday – Video (I’ll pick a topic of my choice. The video will be about it and I’ll post it on my blog.)

Thursday – Challenge (I’ll be doing different question challenges and post it. It may be at least two challenges for Thursday)

Friday – Live on Social Media (When I go live on my social media. I’m going to make a post to alert everyone. The live will be on Instagram and Facebook).

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Instagram: xxdes_

Saturday – Rest Day (I will not post unless I have some time to post something)

Sunday – Rest Day (I will not post unless I have time to post something)


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