Reflectionofdes Diaries πŸ“– – Entry 3: Living in a Single Parent Home 🏠

Living in a single parent home has its struggles. Too bad many of us have to experience it. Don’t get me wrong it’s nothing wrong with living in a household like that because it teaches you a few things about life. Also, it doesn’t mean you’re less than a person that grew up in a two-parent home.

One of the struggles you may experience in a single parent home is lacking your other parent which is an obvious. The other parent probably never been there to help take of you from the start, didn’t have a good relationship with the parent you lived/live with but still spends time with you, or maybe they died.

Another struggle is watching your mom or dad stress over bills and sometimes it’s nothing you can do about it. It makes you feel some type of way seeing your parent stressed out. You will have plans in your head thinking about ways you can help out when you do get extra money. Then you secretly make a promise to yourself and say when you get older you’ll make sure you don’t have to live pay check to pay check. So, you won’t stress like your parent do.

One thing a single parent home does teach you is how to become a strong person. You watched your parent over the years take care of you without any help. That shows you how you can be independent without depending on anyone. Another thing it teaches you is to make the right choices in life. I bet most of your parents tell you to wait to have kids and be careful who you have your kids by. They tell you that to help you understand that taking care of you and your siblings isn’t easy. Your parent doesn’t want you to stress and go through the experiences they had.

No one plans on being a single parent but sometimes life happens that way. Remember everything happens for a reason. So, don’t think you were punished. Accept your situation as a blessing. You may have gained wisdom from your situation that others don’t have.

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