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Reasons Why We Don’t Have Patience (Des Blog-a-thon #23)

First, let me start off by saying we want things to happen on our time. Why can’t we wait for it to happen when it’s supposed to? Sometimes we don’t let certain situations flow out the way it’s supposed to. We want everything to come all at once. Guess what? Life doesn’t happen that way. If it does for you then things won’t be like that forever. Maybe you’re used to having things your way.

There are some of us that are spoiled. Spoiled people don’t know how to wait on things they want. You know why cause anything they ask for are given to them in a split second. If you tell them “no” it won’t be a pleasant outcome. On the other hand, you feel like your world is crashing down. When chaos is going on in our life we start to panic. We’ll start saying silent prayers more often than usual. Trying to rush the process through prayer. If you’re a religious person then you know you’ll have to have patience for your prayers to get answered. Remember that famous saying “patience is the key?” It’s one of the truest quotes I ever heard of. Sometimes it’s good to have patience for anything we want to receive. You’ll appreciate it more and less likely to take it for granted.

From experience, I learned that patience can take you a long way. For example, let’s say you want to buy a brand new car by next week, but you don’t have the extra funds for it. So, you go get a loan from a loan company. That wasn’t a good plan for you because you already are in debt with other loan companies. You still haven’t figure out how you’re going to pay them back. You convinced yourself that it doesn’t matter anyway so you get your new car. Now, if you would’ve taken your time to pay off your debts and have the patience to get a brand new car then you wouldn’t have to worry about any extra debt.

Do you see my point now? We can’t always rush situations to happen. Think about how many regrets we would have if everything happens for us instantly. We weren’t taught to have patience for no reason. Take the time to think about a few events where you are glad that you had patience. If anything comes to mind don’t be afraid to share it in the comment section.

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3 thoughts on “Reasons Why We Don’t Have Patience (Des Blog-a-thon #23)

  1. This is so true, whenever I wait and let things flow, I’m always happier that I did. But I won’t lie, I’m the type that will just finish pray and then get up and go get what I just prayed for lol

  2. This is true. I’ve had many experiences like this and the most recent was before me & my boyfriend got our apartment. We was so ready to have our own place and be away from drama but we didn’t really have enough money. It was so frustrating. But then, more money started coming in and we got approved for an apartment!✨ I still feel the blessing

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