By reading the title of this article I know it caught your eye. The reasons that are listed down below will help you understand why you may feel worthless. On the other hand, absorb this information and take a piece of advice from it.

People Negative Comments: There will always be people who are jealous of you. They might not want to see succeed, so they throw negative comments your way. Don’t let these people bring you down. You know the truth about yourself and that is the most important thing. Negative comments are a way to knock off your focus. Learn how to ignore it.


Lack of self-confidence: We all go through times where we lack self-confidence. It’s a natural thing for humans. In order to build your confidence back up, you must believe in yourself. Don’t drown yourself in silly thoughts. Remember a positive view of yourself can make a difference.

No motivation: Of course, there are times where we are lazy. We stop pushing ourselves to work hard. Maybe you have no motivation because no one tried to support you. Don’t feel bad about it cause it’s not too late to gain some type of motivation.

In conclusion, please know your worth and learn how valuable it is. Never let anyone snatch it away from you. Now take a minute and think about the reasons listed above.  Does it make you think about a few things? It’s up to you to make yourself feel like you’re worth something. Do not depend on anybody to decide your worth.

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