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Writers with Anxiety Create Great Ideas

Since anxiety causes you to think nonstop and replay events in your head. It can lead to creating ideas out of life situations. As a writer, you always need fresh ideas so anxiety helps out in its own special way. You have to think about this in a positive way. When your thoughts are running miles in your head while you’re trying to sleep. Get yourself up and start writing down every thought that comes to mind.

Each one of your thoughts may connect together. Even if it doesn’t you have more than one idea for your next writing project. Are you getting my point so far? I bet as a writer you may not have thought about how anxiety can help you. I understand anxiety bothers you. It’s not easy to deal with.

Now it’s time to think of it as something positive. We don’t have to view anxiety as a negative thing anymore. Who would’ve thought anxiety will help a writer write better. Take anxiety as a blessing and not a curse. Every writer is special in their¬†own way. We all use certain techniques to help us with writing.



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1 thought on “Writers with Anxiety Create Great Ideas

  1. Great post! I am definitely one of those individuals who struggles with anxiety sometimes. As you mentioned, I replay certain things over and over again and create different scenarios out of them. That has definitely helped me as a writer!

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