My Random Thoughts 💭 February 7, 2018

My head is always full of random thoughts. Sometimes I believe I think more than an average person. There are times when my thoughts drive me crazy 😜. In this article, you’ll read my random thoughts and get a little taste of what’s in my head.

Why am I so random?

Why is it raining today?

Why can’t I relax my mind?

What book should I read?

Why can’t I focus on one book?

When is the mail coming?

What is something fun I can do?

Why does this popcorn have a nasty aftertaste?

What should I blog about today?

Why does the song The Weekend have that random snippet song at the end talking about fire?

Yasss my song came on! (Focus by H.E.R)

Why is it so cold in my house?

What’s going on with the heater?

Since you read my random thoughts for today. What are some thoughts that ran through your head today?

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