Reflection of Des podcast is hosted by Destiny. This podcast talks about things from relationships, life struggles, and a variety of other topics. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @reflectionofdes. Podcast episodes get posted on my YouTube channel also. Check out my episodes

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Ep. 1 Relationships

Ep. 2: Why Men Glorify IG Models

Ep. 3: Supporting Others

Ep. 4: Not Having Chemistry with Someone You’re Attracted to

Ep. 5: Mental Break Days

Ep. 6: Nobody Takes Sex Seriously Anymore

Ep. 7: Vibes You Get From Other People

Ep. 8: Negativity on Social Media

Ep. 9: Manifesting a Good Life

Ep. 10: Your Mental Health is IMPORTANT 

Ep. 11: Words Do Hurt

Ep. 12: Real Love vs Toxic Love

Ep. 13: Rejection is a Blessing