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People Actions Show Who They Truly Are (Des Blog-a-thon) #24

I’m a firm believer in actions speaks louder than words. Some words are fabricated lies. You can try to plan your actions, but it will always show your true intentions. Don’t make promises if you’re not good at keeping your word.

In all honesty, people believe in words before they pay attention to a person’s actions. That’s our problem we get all caught up in what we hear without reading body language. In my opinion, you don’t have to be a pro to read someone’s body language. There will be obvious signs, such as,  shifting from side to side,  stuttering, and not making eye contact with you. Maybe you might notice they are ignoring your calls, texts, or emails.  More than likely they are trying to avoid you for some reason. Now don’t get me wrong the signs I mention can fit in other situations too. So, don’t over think them.

Here’s a scenario, you’re hyped up about going to a music festival with a friend of yours. Both of you have made plans about what you’re going to wear there, your favorite singer you want to see, and how much money you’ll need for the food at the festival. The day of the festival comes and that friend cancels at the last-minute. You were given a lame excuse. It upsets you because this same friend does this every time y’all have plans together. Then you see them at the same event with other friends. That action should tell you that person doesn’t want to hang out with you. Think about it if a person wants to be around you they will put effort into spending time with you.

In the meantime, watch a person actions before you believe every word they tell you. You’ll save yourself time from temporary people who come into your life. A person action tells you who they are. Do you believe a person action’s define who they are? 

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