Confessions of a Heart Broken Girl

Look into my eyes You’ll see the pain That’s the only way you’ll see my true sorrow Lonely nights lying in bed having silent cries so no one will hear me On the outside I’ll pretend I’m happy But if I open up inside you’ll see my heart bleeding out If I told you about… Read More Confessions of a Heart Broken Girl

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First Day of College (Freshmen Experience)

I had a good first day without any problems. The class I had to attend today was math which I was sort of worried about because I didn’t know what to expect out of my math teacher for the first day. Everything we did was easy plus the class went by so fast it felt… Read More First Day of College (Freshmen Experience)


The One I Used to Love

I remember when we first met Seeing calls or texts from you lit up my world Everything felt like a fairy tale I didn’t want to end But then I noticed a change I got less calls and limited texts from you You turned into someone I didn’t recognize By being the loyal person that… Read More The One I Used to Love

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Appreciation to my Followers 

Thank you for all the followers that’s been interacting with me. Also I want to say thank you for the ones that took the time to read, like, and comment on my posts. I really appreciate it. Y’all are giving me motivation to do more things for my blog. I’m glad I took the time… Read More Appreciation to my Followers 

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Interracial Relationships

I decided to write about this topic because it plays a big role in society today. Believe it or not, some people are still against interracial relationships which are surprising to most but not all people. I’m actually in an interracial relationship myself. When I would go out with my boyfriend to certain places we… Read More Interracial Relationships



Music is a bird singing a lovely tune on an early morning Music is my therapist when I have problems Music is a key to my heart Music is a body mover Music is a life saver Music is a way to take you to another universe Music is an easy mind controller Music is… Read More Music

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Daily Prompt: Ghost

The reflection of the old me haunts me like a ghost. I use to feel so  vulnerable and had a lack of confidence. I struggle with being happy with myself which led to depression. Sometimes my mind would make me believe things that weren’t true. Looking at myself in the mirror became depressing because I knew… Read More Daily Prompt: Ghost

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Daily Prompt: Carry

Sometimes I feel like I carry all the bad situations from the past into whats on going in the present.  I try so hard not to hold on to the pain but it always reappear in my life. I mean I’m a strong person but I guess I haven’t fully healed from the pain. Possibly… Read More Daily Prompt: Carry



I’m a big fan of diversity because I get a chance to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. It’s very interesting to me. Honestly I would travel all around the world just to learn about other cultures. I know I might sound crazy to y’all but I would love to have a friend from… Read More Diversity 


Newbie on WordPress

Introduction/About Me   Hello Everyone, As you can see that I’m new to the WordPress community so let me start off by saying that I’m excited to start this journey. My name is Destiny and I’m a college freshmen who is majoring in Journalism. I absolutely love meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds.… Read More Newbie on WordPress