Frustrated in Love

Need space apart To protect my heart Got to stop myself from loving you Frustration fills me Because the love won’t fade Distance only makes my heart yearn for you more I can’t take this anymore Whether you’re near or far my love will remain Frustrated in love My intuition is saying “run away” But… Read More Frustrated in Love

Open Letter

Open Letter #8: Not Feeling Like Myself Today

Whew, where do I start? Today I’m not in the best mood ever. I don’t want to be bothered with anybody especially if they are going to trigger me to get upset. When I’m in one of my “moods” there is always someone that says something to piss me off. That’s why I try not… Read More Open Letter #8: Not Feeling Like Myself Today


Comfortable Pain

Why am I so comfortable with pain? And afraid to be happy Pain is what I expect I soak it in like my skin does the sun on a hot summer day Happiness is foreign to me Pain gives me unexplainable safety Not ashamed to admit I’m used to it Finding comfort in pain A… Read More Comfortable Pain


Numb Feeling

At this point I feel numb Empty Heartless Distant No love is left in me There’s a black hole inside My compassion died I have no affection to give Or emotional fulfillment Hopefully I can heal from it Or be less difficult to deal with Hiding this numb feeling is impossible Watch me grow into… Read More Numb Feeling


Your Hunger

Your body will crave for me on your loneliest nights It’s going to be hard to put up a fight I’m the only thing that can feed your appetite You can’t handle a small bite You need the full course Come feed your hunger And wait no longer Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST… Read More Your Hunger


Little Blue Bird

Little blue bird I envy you I watch you come and go as you please I bet you always have a peace of mind when you fly away on your journeys Enjoying your freedom Now I can understand why you tweet sweet tunes You follow your own guidance Nobody tells you what to do You… Read More Little Blue Bird

Lifestyle, Open Letter

Open Letter #7: Message Not Sent

Well, it’s been a while since I did an open letter. This open letter is about a message that I wanted to send out to a person I care about deeply but left it in my drafts.  I miss you. I tried to get you out of my head but you are a piece of… Read More Open Letter #7: Message Not Sent


I Hypnotize Him

I hypnotize him… with my curvy body pretty brown eyes dark hair gorgeous smile He gravitates towards my intelligence and beauty No one can hypnotize him the way I do He’s wrapped in my spell… Photo by Kaci Baum on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | ANCHORFM | GOOGLE PODCASTS FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL… Read More I Hypnotize Him


Only To Wish For..

I wish I could capture your attention But I feel unnoticed by you Maybe you stare when I don’t notice Or secretly search me up on social media to see what’s going on How can I impress you without looking foolish? Scared to speak up because of the fear of rejection Daydreaming about you makes… Read More Only To Wish For..


The Heart Breaker

Might have to break a heart Gotta play this smart Torn between the two What should I do? Go with number one Or number two Love number one more than two Sounds simple but too complicated to handle  Why do I have to break a heart? Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash LISTEN TO MY PODCAST ON… SPOTIFY… Read More The Heart Breaker