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Open Letter #9: Loving Myself is the Best Decision I Ever Made

The self-love journey is an experience that will help you learn about yourself at an intimate level. When you go into this journey you decided that your happiness matters, and you will start putting yourself FIRST! Nobody said the self-love process is easy but it’s not impossible either. When I chose to start loving myself it was the best decision I ever made.

Choosing Happiness

Once I stepped into the path of loving myself I noticed a change in me. One thing that stuck out the most is how happy I felt. I started waking up in good moods almost every day and feeling myself like I was “the shit” lol. My confidence has risen on a new level. You could even see my glow through the pictures I posted on Instagram. Happiness will show internally and physically when it’s genuine. When I chose to put my happiness, first I got rid of situations or things that no longer served me.

Letting Go of Unnecessary Relationships

Relationships and friendships that disturb my emotional peace got cut off. It was no point of keeping those relationships if they weren’t bringing in any positive effects into my life. I was so focused on caring for others and helping them out that I forgot how to cater to my own needs. Plus, the people I was there for didn’t return the same help back. I felt like I went the extra mile for everybody except myself. That wasn’t a good feeling at all.

Social Media Detox

Detoxing from social media for a couple of days helped me reconnect with myself. I was able to put full focus on things I loved doing like reading, writing, and being creative. Being away from social media made me appreciate the little things that I may have neglected. Social media has a way of negatively influencing your thoughts. When I say that I mean when you are scrolling through your timeline you may see drama going on or triggering post that makes you upset. That’s why I started staying away from social media. Then I unfollowed people pages that post negative stuff. All I want to see is positive things down my timeline. No more seeing petty drama. Also, all the time I spend on social media I could be putting in that time doing something more productive. If you are thinking about taking a break from social media I advise you to do it. You will see how much better you will feel staying away from it for a while.

Journaling Everyday

Ever since I discuss self-love/care for myself in therapy my therapist had suggested I should start journaling. If you don’t know what journaling is. It’s basically you writing in a diary about what’s going on in your life or general inner thoughts that you privately express through writing in your journal. When I first started journaling a couple of months ago I wasn’t consistent with it. I didn’t take it seriously at all so I quit doing it.

Now journaling is my everyday routine. I’m so in love with it. Journaling is a positive outlet for me. I can freely express myself in my journal without any judgment. Also, I can write affirmations in it to remind myself I am worthy of love, I deserve everything I desire, and other positive messages I need to receive.

Self-love is a form of taking care of yourself in the most selfish way. Like that quote say, “Self-love is the best love.” It’s true because once you love yourself you can set boundaries that fit your needs, find true love with someone else when you’re ready for a relationship, and see the value of your worth. You won’t take any bullshit once you know what you deserve.

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    1. Thank you!! It’s good that you are making some progress. Just take everything one step at a time 💛 you will get that unconditional love for yourself over time.

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