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Open Letter #7: Message Not Sent

Well, it’s been a while since I did an open letter. This open letter is about a message that I wanted to send out to a person I care about deeply but left it in my drafts. 

I miss you. I tried to get you out of my head but you are a piece of my every thought. I can’t even escape you in my dreams. Every night there is a new scenario for us together. Why do you have this effect on me? No one has EVER made me feel this way!  Fighting the urge to let you go. How can I let you go when something is telling me we are meant to be. Our bond was something real and the way we connected. You were like my best friend and lover if I’m being honest.

The past few weeks of us not communicating feels like years. I miss our conversations. So many times I picked up my phone wanting to share good or bad news with you because I was so used to coming to you. Then I remember things aren’t the same anymore.

Maybe you don’t even care that we are not talking anymore. Nah, I’ll be lying to myself if I said that. I know I said I can’t forgive you but now I’m over everything. Well, I still get a little angry but my love for you is strong enough to allow you back in. Let’s start everything over. Oh yeah, remember that night when I told you I had something to tell you but it’s wasn’t the right time to tell you?  Well, now it’s time for you to know what it is. I think I love you… I don’t know how I “fell” in love with you. It just happen. I kept that away from you because I know you’re not in love with me. You’re not ready for that at all well at least not right now. I know your heart probably skipped a beat when I confessed that I love you. It probably scared you off. I understand if it made you feel some type of way. Sorry, if I made you uncomfortable from confessing that.

I want you to come around again but you’re probably attracted to someone else. So, I won’t bother you. One day we will meet again somehow. Maybe in the next lifetime, everything will work out. 

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