One Sided Friendships

One-sided friendships are annoying to deal with especially if you take friendships seriously. When I say one-sided friendships I’m talking about the ones where you stick by your friend side through rough times, showed loyalty, trust, and gave support. You probably treated the person like family too. But they didn’t show you the same type of love back. Basically, this is the friend that takes advantage of you for their own personal needs. They benefit from being your friend because they know you would go above and beyond just to make sure they are good. 

From experience, I helped so many “friends” out especially when they needed a shoulder to lean on. Those friends would come to me for advice dealing with family or relationships issues. Being a good friend I listen to their problems and gave as much help as I could. The sad part about my friendship with those people they barely return the favor. When I’m in need for advice or need a listening ear all I get is “dang that sucks”, “I hope things get better”, or “I’m sorry to hear that.” I don’t want to hear those cliche responses. Yes, I am aware certain people don’t know how to comfort others when they are in need. Some people can’t help that. My point is if I put effort into our friendship then you should do the same. Don’t expect someone to always be there for you if you act like you don’t appreciate it. That don’t sit right with me if you’re okay with being a one-sided friend.

When you put yourself in the position to be a person friend you are expected to do certain things. I mean I’m not saying you are obligated to do the things that I mention but I just want to point out a couple of things. As a friend you are expected to show support, be trustworthy, give real/helpful advice, and a person to hang out with when you have free time. That’s just to name a couple of things because I know every friendship is different. Hopefully, you are getting my point though.

Don’t ever waste your time being in a friendship where you feel like a person isn’t there for you like you need them to be. If you want your friendship to work then communicate with them about how you feel. Sometimes communication brings awareness to situations. Get you a friend that values friendships as much as you do.

Have you ever found yourself in a one sided friendship? Share your experience in the comment section.





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  1. I’ve dealt with a couple one sided friendships and we are not friends to this day. As we get older friend groups change and it becomes hard to find genuine people who really rock with you. Leaving you often alone. I couldn’t agree more with your post. People need to treat friendships like relationships because it is a relationship, but in a different form.

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      Good thing you aren’t in those type of friendships anymore. Ikr it is hard to find genuine people as you get older. That’s why I’m comfortable with being alone most times.

  2. Don’t even get me started on this topic smh. I had a friend like that actually someone who I considered a best friend actually and it took me a while to even realize that it was really one-sided. Like I realized but thought that she would change but she never did and I dropped her ass in 2018.

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      I’m glad you were able to realize how she was. You don’t need a person like that in your life anyway.

  3. Yes Ive been on both sides of the fence on this one unfortunately in the same friendship. But I can say that I was “bad friend” only because when the person would help me out, she would then throw shit it in my face like she was a lifesaver and wanted a medal for everything. Then she would talk about my personal business with everyone. Even after I tried to reconcile with her. I had to end the friendship. She wasn’t a real friend, just somebody who wants connections to gossip about people & control people.

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      From your situation I wouldn’t consider you as a bad friend because your friend didn’t treat you right in the first place. So you had no choice but to let her go and put your foot down.

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