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Not Good Enough

Have you ever thought you weren’t good enough? Well, I have too. I get frustrated with myself because I doubt myself more than others do. It bothers me a whole lot. Even when I try to think positive that negative bug always tries to crawl in my head to make me think different. Maybe this happens because I sometimes compare myself to others. When that starts to happen I know definitely that it’s not the type of person I am. I just strive to be a strong person. It’s better for me to keep positive energy around me so I won’t feel any type of depression or doubt about myself.

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5 thoughts on “Not Good Enough

  1. Mark Twain once said: “Comparison is the death of joy” and I fully agree. I find when I compare myself, I start to devalue myself. If you read a book by your favourite author, or see a Oscar Winning Film, you start to think “Why can’t I do this?! I’ll never be as good as THIS!” but everyone, everyone ever, started somewhere… we’re just seeing their finished products rather than their mistakes and practice runs along the way 🙂 Stick with things!

  2. I have written loads about this on a variety of posts on my blog, please check it out. One of my fave quotes from Sierra Boggess is ‘You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are.’ x x x

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