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Not Enough Time in a Day to Manage

It’s not enough time in a day. Even planning ahead of time seems like it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m not good at time management. How do some of you balance your time in the day? If you don’t know how to manage your time. What are some distractions do you run into? Sometimes I get writer’s block. It happens at the wrong time. Especially when I’m in the mood to post an article for my readers. It’s crazy how I want to write but my ideas don’t always come together like I want them to. I’m sure every writer feels that way sometimes.

Maybe that wastes my time during the day. I’m stuck on focusing on not having my ideas together. When I could just freestyle write. For example, write random posts without having my attention on one thing. I don’t know if that make sense to any of you. Anyways, time flies by in the day when you waste it. Honestly, it’s faster than the time when you’re having fun. Another thing I want to mention is when unexpected plans come up. There are times I don’t mind because I want to get out the house. Other times I feel annoyed because I have blogging work to do. Let me stop complaining here. Here’s a questions for my readers how do you manage your time? 

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