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Networking on Social Media

Networking on social media isn’t as hard as some people may think it is. Honestly, it’s the quickest way to meet a huge amount of individuals all across the world. If you are comfortable with following random people on social media that share the same interest as you. Then go for it!

One thing you do may want to do is create an eye-catching bio on your profile. I’ll give you a few examples. Let’s say you’re an author, YouTuber, and foodie. You can set up your bio like this…

Author of (enter book title here) | Youtuber (insert camera emoji) | Foodie (insert random food) you can add a link to your bio so people can check out your book or YouTube channel. If you want to put more than one link in your bio then you should try using the website You may have seen some of your favorite influencers have the link on their profile. The website allows you to customize links.

View the picture below to see an example.

Linktree screenshot cropped

Here’s an example of how I set up my bio on Twitter and Instagram.

Sometimes people search up different occupation names to find people that are in their field of work. Simply because they want to connect with more people like themselves. On social media, most of the time I search up the word “blogger” to find other bloggers like myself. When the results pop up I look through people usernames and click on profiles to follow some of the people I may find interesting.

When you start following people that you want to network with try to interact with them. For example, you see them post something new on their profile like and comment on it. You don’t have to be all extra with your comment and be a butt kisser lol. Just simply share your natural thoughts and give a nice compliment. The main goal is to make them your acquaintance first.  

The more you socialize with different people the more they will remember you. Sometimes by simply commenting, liking, or messaging someone can lead a person to check out your profile to see what you’re all about. That’s one thing I have noticed when I started interacting with people on social media.

Another thing I want to mention is if the person or people you want to network with have shared some of their content on their profile then you should check it out. Once you check out some of their posts. Try sending them a quick message and tell them how much you enjoy what they are doing. They will probably return the favor back to you. Of course, you may run into some individuals who may never respond to you but at least you did try interacting with them at some point.

The whole point I’m trying to make is that when you start interacting with your followers on social media it makes a difference. Your audience gets bigger, more connections or resources are available to you, and etc… Sometimes popularity can help you out a bit. The more people who know of you the more recognition your brand can receive. Most people love supporting individuals they personally know.

If you have used social media to network with people to share your story in the comment section. Do you think social media is a good way to network with people?

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