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My Top 3 Favorite Netflix Tv Shows

  1. Orange is the New Black – This show is one of Netflix’s original and popular series. It’s based on this woman name Piper that ends up in prison because of the connection she had with her ex-girlfriend that was in a drug cartel while they were together. In prison, she learns that it will be hard to survive. I remember when I first watched this show. It turned out to be more entertaining than I expected. The comedy is hilarious. Be prepared for the drama and unexpected plot twists. I recommend everyone to go watch


2. Lovesick – A guy gets his heart broken so he starts getting into many relationships with women. Then he ends up catching an STD from one of them. The shows basically flashbacks to the series of relationships with the women he been with. At some point in time, it gets you in your feelings. Overall, this show is humorous and the actors have UK accents so at some moments it might be hard to understand what they are saying.


3. Chewing Gum –  A 24-year-old virgin named Tracey who wants to know about sex. She starts to learn about sex through her best friend. Also, from her own experiences that she have with her crush. This is a funny show that will entertain anyone.


Go ahead and check out these shows.  Have any of you seen at least one of these shows before on Netflix or might have overlooked them? 

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