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Murdergram by Nisa Santiago Book Review

Synopsis: Cristal convinced her friends to work a dangerous job with her. The girls turned into trained assassins. The Cristál Clique are ready to take on any risk that comes their way. Their clique is nothing to play with.  Don’t let their innocent faces and petite frames fool you! 

This urban novel will tug at your conscience. Then again you’ll understand why some of the characters made certain decisions throughout the novel.  Honestly, I couldn’t go through the harsh situations they went through. My kind heart wouldn’t let me be at peace.

Opinions on the Characters…

Cristal: She’s the “It” girl out of her crew of friends. Cristal showed how in charge she was throughout the novel. This girl is persuasive and magnetic which makes it easy for things to go her way. I didn’t  like how cold-hearted she was during certain parts of the story. She could have had a little heart. I understand she couldn’t show sympathy in her line of work, but there were ways to make a different outcome. I feel like the “Commission rules” brainwashed her also. I’m a believer in strong power but sometimes you have to put your foot down when it’s necessary.

Tamar: She’s the one out of the group that had the strongest bond with Cristal. Tamar is a wild party girl and nonchalant. She will say anything that comes to her mind. Truthfully, she always kept it real with her friends though. One thing I didn’t like about her is her jealous streak. It’s like she doesn’t want to see anyone else happy. She’s more cold-hearted than Cristal which is frightening!

Sharon: She’s my favorite girl of the crew. Sharon isn’t easily persuaded. Even though she grew up in the hood/ghetto she showed more intelligence than her friends. Also, I believed she was classier too. She liked to have fun but not get too wild. I love how she stole Pike’s heart without losing her morals.

Lisa: She’s a sweetheart. I hate how she’s easily influenced by her friends. It led her into an awful path. It’s sad how everything happened to her. Bad things always happen to good people.

Mona: She came from a two parent household. Mona is cool I guess. I mean it’s stupid how she followed Cristal and Tamar into the murder business. I respect the fact she had a change of heart when crazy situations happened. Yes, she did her dirt but at least she realized that she needed to change her lifestyle.

E.P: I had a feeling he was going to have feelings for Cristal. He’s a man who someone shouldn’t trust to a certain extent. Some of the things he told Cristal didn’t seem right. When he first met Cristal I knew he was going to bring a change to her life.  I love his intelligence, but he is a dangerous man.

Pike: He had big dreams. Too bad he couldn’t fulfill them. He did act cocky. I’m glad Sharon didn’t let him take advantage of her like he does other women. Yeah, he might have his mean ways towards some people but through that tough layer, he has a soft heart.

Hugo: At first, when he popped up in the book I thought he was Cristal enemy. I was thinking “Nooo, Cristal don’t fall for him!!” lol. Turns out he wasn’t so bad after all. On the other hand, I don’t like the fact how he cheated on Cristal because if you so-called in love with someone no temptation that comes your way will phase you. I mean I know Cristal wasn’t an angle herself. In other words, he wasn’t a bad person even though he made that one mistake.

Overall, Nisa Santiago did a good job writing this book. The story line is right on point. I’m anxious to read part two to this series. I’m a sucker for plot twists in novels. Nisa did that well in this book. It’s a good read if you like urban fiction. I recommend everyone to read this book.

*This book is recommended for ages 18 & up. 

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