Making Friends from Different Ethnicities

I have an idea which just popped in my head. I’m interested in making more friends from a different race or ethnicity. As you know from my diversity blog I love making friends with people that don’t have the same culture as me. I was thinking that maybe I can make these type of friends through my blog. I just need people to help me spread the word around. This would be a success if we all made my big circle or group where everyone can chat about various topics and get to know each other better. I know that some people are afraid of these sort of things because how hectic the world has got so I can totally understand your way of thinking. I just want this to be a safe and fun thing to do. If you’re interested in this idea then reblog, like, or comment whatever you feel comfortable with.


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  1. Let’s do it. Just from a quick look down your page I can tell that we come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. But we certainly also have some things in common. I’m exited to see what this project will lead to. I will soon return with some questions of curiosity.

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