Short Stories

Lynn’s Close Call

Lynn phone alarm ring *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.* The phone kept ringing until she finally turned over to push the stop button. The time on the phone showed 7:00 am. Lynn has to be at work at 8:30 am. She hurried up out of bed so she could wash and get dress. After she finishes showering and getting dress Lynn took a look at the time again. Now the clock is showing 7:35 am.

“I need to hurry up out this house before I am late.” Lynn thinks to herself.

She makes sure she has everything she needs before she walks out the door.

“Keys check, phone check, and purse check. That should be everything.” Oh yeah, let me make sure I have my wallet.” Lynn says to herself aloud. Everything Lynn needed is with her. She walks out her front door then turns around to lock the house front door.

As she is locking her door from a distance someone was watching her. This stranger has watched her for a month. The stranger learned her daily routine quickly. Lynn isn’t aware of the danger that’s coming her way. The unknown person gets out of the black van and walks towards Lynn. While the stranger walks closer Lynn could feel a weird energy. As usual, she ignores the feeling. For some odd reason, the feeling gets stronger with each second that goes by.

Before Lynn could turn around to walk to her car. She felt a sharp excruciating pain in her throat. The stranger in the black clothing grabbed Lynn from behind and cut across Lynn’s throat with an 8-inch kitchen knife. Blood splatter all over the house front door. Lynn dropped to the ground with her left hand holding on to her neck while she gasps for air. Her “killer” stood over her while she bled to death. A sinister grin spread across their face. “Enjoy dying BITCH!” the killer says while looking down at Lynn. Those were the last words Lynn heard before she went unconscious. As quickly as the stranger came they disappear even faster after leaving Lynn to fight for her life outside of her home.

Lynn woke up in a hospital bed. When she tried to open up her eyes. She is blinded by a bright light. Looking around the room trying to familiarize herself with her surroundings. Her first reaction was to panic because she had no clue where she was. The last thing she remembers was trying to leave her house for work.

Looking down at her stain bloody left hand there was an IV inside her hand.

“What the hell happened to me?” Lynn thinks to herself while trying to lift herself up in bed.

“Be careful Ms. Clover I don’t want you to mess up your stitches.” Nurse Summer tells Lynn.

“STITCHES!?” Lynn tried to shout but no words came out and it hurt to talk.

“Take it, easy sweetie. If you need anything you can write it on that notepad over there or type it on this tablet and send the message directly to me.” There is a notepad and pen on the table next to the hospital bed. Also, the tablet that Nurse Summer told Lynn about sat right beside the notepad and pen.

The nurse walked over to the bed to make sure Lynn is comfortable. “Do you need anything else?” Nurse Summer asked Lynn. Lynn shook her head no.

“Alright, press the nurse button on the remote if you need me or text me on the tablet.” Nurse Summer says as she walks out the door.

Left alone in the room Lynn is still trying to figure out what causes her to go to the hospital. Someone knocked lightly on the room door. A tall gray-haired slender man entered the room. Detective Reynolds walks towards Lynn so he can introduce himself.

“Hello, Ms. Clover I’m sorry to walk in on you. I would like to introduce myself and ask you a few questions. My name is Detective Reynolds can you tell me a little information about the incident that happened in front of your house this morning?”

Lynn grabs the notepad and pen she writes down “what incident?” on the paper. Then shows the detective the notepad she wrote on.

“The incident that causes you to bleed to death.” Detective Reynolds responds. Lynn’s eyes popped wide open when she heard what the detective said. He could see the surprised look on her face. “Do you remember what happened? Detective Reynolds continues to talk and ask questions. “A witness told us they were passing by your house and saw you lying on the ground bleeding to death.”

When the paramedics arrive at the scene you were already unconscious. Your throat was cut very bad. You’re blessed to be alive right now. Lynn listened to the detective carefully as she processes the information she’s receiving. She felt speechless, violated, and hurt. Who would do something like this to her?


Who do you think tried to kill Lynn? What would you do if you were in Lynn’s situation? If you enjoyed this short story share your thoughts about it.





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