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Letting Your Past Hinder You

Your past has its way of creeping back into your life when you are trying to move forward or at the tip of going through a transformation. It’s like the devil trying to steal your joy when you are the happiest. Everyone past isn’t always bad but there are some things we want to leave behind. Just for the simple fact that you have grown as a person. You’re leveling up into a better version of yourself.

When you let your past hinder your life that’s when you have a problem on your hands. Maybe you never got some type of closure you needed from a situation. Or there is some guilt that still lingers inside you from what happened. Your mind will give you “what if” thoughts to figure out how you could’ve fixed your past mistakes. All the events will keep replaying in your head. It clogs your mind from living better in the present moment. Think of it as a distraction. 

Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time to change what happened. We do have control into not letting a situation happen again and accept the past for what it is. You can’t keep letting the past eat you up inside. Face those demons so you can move on. The more you let those mistakes hold you back the longer it will take you to feel free again. No more getting upset about it being thrown back up in your face. Once you own up to it then it won’t bother you anymore. Your past gave you experiences that you needed to go through in order for you to learn who you are as a person.

Letting your past hinder you won’t make you happy. Let go of the worries on how it may affect your present or future life. You still have a chance on shaping things out the way you want it to be. Past mistakes are left behind for a reason. So, tell me do you believe that your past have hinder you from certain things in life?

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